Portrayed By Jason Momoa
Gender Male
Aliases Theicher, Theich
Place of Birth Western Weyr
Current Location Western Weyr
Occupation Wingsecond
Dragon Blue Yiskatiresiath


When Ir'e was sixteen, no one could have guessed he would have grown as much as he did in just a few short turns. He went from a little whelp of a boy, with hardly any muscle and height to call his own, to the near six feet he now wears with pride. His leanness gave way to hard earned muscle that pushed him more from the skimpy spectrum to that of a hardworking adult man. Then Yiskatiresiath came along and muscles were all he was obsessed about until Ir'e was buff, bulky and bronzed by the Western sun. He isn't going to win any contests for Pern's most handsome with his crooked teeth, a nose that's a bit too large for his tanned face, and a stubborn dimple in his left cheek, but he isn't someone who'd make babies cry as he passed either. His shaggy light brown hair slips down a little past his goatee clad chin in stringy, rather oily clumps. His expressive face is covered with a light smattering of freckles across his cheeks and dark chocolate eyes crinkle often with smile lines when he speaks.

This young man is most often found sporting a comfortable fitting and well-worn pair of black hide pants that tuck neatly into a pair of matching boots. A solid belt wraps about his midsection, holding several knives as well as other assorted odds and ends at any given time. A simple off-white short-sleeved shirt (a little on the loose side to make up for Western's island weather) makes up his upper body but most of it is hidden beneath a darker brown vest. Several strings wrap around his throat with random items dangling from them: a simple gray rock and a shell.


Theicher hasn't had all that exciting of a life. He was born to two rider parents, although he neither cares nor knows exactly who they are. He just assumes they were busy riders, or young riders, and had no interest in children. And he's fine with that. The nannies at Western Weyr were nice enough, although at times they let him get away with far too much. He's always been a bit of a tall tale spinner, enjoying enthralling his younger weyrbrats with elaborately spun stories. Sadly it's this particular gift of the boy that always got him into trouble, his sense of reality verses fiction always seemed a bit lacking and it wasn't long before people found it difficult to separate his stories from the truth. Nonetheless he isn't normally cruel or mean with any of his stories, just at times he might use them to try to get out of doing things, sometimes using them rather like excuses as he does have a horrible case of the lazies.

It was surprising, to those who knew him, that when he was of a proper age he joined the weyr's hunters. It seemed like far too serious of a profession for one such as him. But the teen, for whatever reason, found he enjoyed the solace of the hunt and has flourished with this chosen profession.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Mother Western Weyr Unknown
Unknown Father Western Weyr Unknown
Rhabel Weyrmate Western Weyr Resident
Idrea Daughter Western Weyr Ir'e/Ridra Spawn
Lyrabel Daughter Western Weyr Ir'e/Keely Spawn
Theroux Son Western Weyr Ir'e/Rou'x Spawn
Rhei Daughter Western Weyr Ir'e/Rou'x Spawn


Reluctantly Brave Blue Pipsqueak
This compact blue firelizard is certainly a character. Wedge-shaped head with a heavy brow implies a stern demeanor. It's body is muscular and lithe; certainly lending more towards an appearance of working out than gluttony. There's still some rounding upon the belly, where his hide pales to a light blue with tan highlights. Perhaps home life is preferred for this little guy, versus adventure and excitement. His wings are broad and a deep blue, with brown-black along the bones and wingspars. Tail is a little chubby, but it helps him well enough with balance and leaping out of the way of runaway tunnelsnakes. A friendly one, he seems to often be the first of the group to — if reluctantly — volunteer to investigate.

Vigilante With a Badge Brown
The pale, simple brown of pottery is painted in broad, stiff strokes across the soft hide of this little lizard, glints of red and black flickering out, the temper in the pot. Thin streaks of Darker brown wisp around his headknobs in a gentle mist. A splotch the shape of a shield glints in bright brassy tones, a smooth circle of perfect blue within and the letters N.O.P.D. over that in white. On each pale wingsail is the clear shape of a paw print, clean-edged and fully defined, as if they hold meaning. A dark swath of near black runs between his wings and down over his left hip, like an animal. Four limbs, short snout, long pointed ears and a little puff of a round tail.

The Lady Shieldmaiden Green
There are three primary colors wrapped about this little egg, some almost seemingly to flutter in the breeze the way the colors are rolled and waved to fit and shape in and around the shell. The background is dominated by a dark green, almost to the point of being black. On the crest of the small shell, a corner piece of a spherical shape is all that is left to represent the sun, beaming down on a magnificent shape of a white stead, a runner, leaping across the span of the shell. This great runner, white and pure, is lined by works of gold, threading to clearly define the beast, casting it to some glorious nobility.


Eyeshine in the Night Blue Yiskatiresiath
Darkness. Pure midnight born from the shell in draconic form manifests in this young hatchling, leaving not a speck of day light claiming any hold on his hide from his blunt-squared maw down to his long whip-like tail. Neck ridges share not even a speck of the stars, pure ebony blending in with the shadows of the night where they trickle over and fade across this one's broad body supported by powerful muscles bringing brute strength to this dragonet. His shoulders are wide; wielding large wings with spars extending a little further than the sails themselves; a creature inspired by nightmares. The head knobs upon his large head are almost too small in proportion to this beast's massive frame, stunted and malformed to be recognizable. Round eye sockets are covered in steel; the threatening metallic visage in the darkness over thick ridges and extending down the length of his body, only to fade into faint mottling as they reach out. Out towards muscular hind legs that are canted outward, awkwardly like one of the lowly crawling lizards of the ground. The digits on his powerful paws are long, almost curling upward at the tips were it not for ebony talons extending from their sheaths to claim the ground below, giving the final touch to this shadow of a dragonet.


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