This young woman has a dancer's fine posture and a weyrling's growing muscle definition. Iris is lightly tanned and freckled, well proportioned and of average height. Thick, wavy brown hair is chopped just short enough to be put in a runnertail, though her bangs fall free to frame her face. Her face is oval shaped, with high cheekbones yet a rather soft chin. Her complexion is free of acne, its softness a testament to her hygiene regimen. Wide-set brown eyes are framed by long lashes and dark, well-kept eyebrows. Her nose and mouth are generous yet balanced, teeth slightly crooked but rather clean by Pernese standards.

Iris wears a weyrling's heavy duty outfit, with khaki-colored shorts and a pale green tank top. Her feet are protected by a pair of simple, serviceable calf-high boots, laced up the front. Her shoulder knot is a blended cord of purple and blue-green and black and gold.


Born Idris the daughter of brownrider I'drak and assistant headwoman Rissian, both of Western Weyr, the child of a mating flight loser. As most children of mating flight losers do, she grew up in the lower caverns, practically anonymous in the crowd of children. Though both Rissian and I'drak had other children, they had a falling out during Idris's infancy and never resumed their acquaintance.

Iris grew up rather obsessed with the warmth and scent of the kitchen, insisting on being underfoot and 'helping' the cooks and bakers. At nine, Rissian sent her to Nabol. Rissian's mother, Christiana, was well known on the northern continent for her baking, not only lauded at her home hold Nabol but winning prizes at Gathers for her bubbly recipes. From age nine until thirteen, Iris lived with this grandmother in Nabol, and upon her return she began working in the kitchens of Western Weyr. There she has been for the past six turns and while she helps with most any dish made for the weyr, she is particularly gifted with desserts and has been working on a bubbly recipe to beat all bubblies- she plans on competing with it, but for now she'll happily make tray after tray for the weyr.


Iris is good-humored, laughing more often than not. She forgets names and faces quickly, but she'll present enough confidence without saying names that people may not realize she has no idea who they are. She doesn't have a great deal of tact and randomly chooses whether or not to pursue what the more sensitive think is 'too sensitive' a subject. She has opinions and she's usually just fine with blurting them out.

With such a sweet tooth, it might be surprising that she has healthy teeth, but she is fastidious about personal hygiene- mouth, hair, face, body. Oh, she'll put up with being dirty for a short time, and naturally the kitchen doesn't count, but her threshold for tolerance is low enough that she rarely ventures beyond her comfort zone. Mud wrestling would be strictly out of the question!

And though she may talk big about becoming famous for her bubblies, or about what an amazing time she had on this or that little trip, she isn't keen on leaving her comfort zone. She's not the trouble-making sort, preferring to act prudently even as she encourages others to just do whatever it is they want to do. She is happily oblivious of most politics and drama, traveling through life in a haze. She doesn't think too much about what the future holds for when she thinks she can get melancholy and well, that's just no good!


When asked to stand for one of Miraneith and Glyith's clutches, Iris was a little surprised- she had watched and helped prepare feasts for many prior clutches and hatchings, but never stood herself. The candidacy forced her out of the kitchen, out of her familiar bed, and into the candidate barracks and a not-so comfortable cot. The adventures had with her fellow candidates were myriad, but those that lay before her post-hatching guarantee to be ten-fold greater, for not only did her half-brother R'oy (Rory) impress a cute little blue, but she left the sands accompanied by the loveliest of tiny gold hatchlings, Shadhavarth.


Autumn's Last Glow Gold Shadhavarth

Purest molten gold — the brilliant and radiant sheen of fading sunlight — casts a vivid hue upon a lovely graceful form. From her dainty muzzle, a delicate dished head is dominated by wide-set eyes, prominent cheekbones and generously curved nostrils; with a high arched neck that while short, nonetheless contributes to the proudness of her bearing. Small for one such of her color, a compact body is defined by strong shoulders and well sprung ribs that flow into muscular haunches. Unusually colored; dark-amber dapples decorate her golden hide, and along the proud arch of her neck, her neckridges are washed in white-gold hue, a pattern that ends abruptly at her withers only to be taken up again at her rump — flowing down the length of her long tail. Her wings — long and narrow — promise the agility and stamina of a distance flyer; honeyed gold spars supporting the spread of nearly-translucent sails of gossamer gold between them.


Paracanthurus Hepatus Blue Tennant

Washed in a brilliant shade of royal blue — the color of the tropical sea in shadow — the color sweeps across a stout round body, down a short neck and along chubby flanks to a plump little tail. Deepening in some darker tones along his belly, the color is none the less uniform — a singular tone of rich shine and a patina of royal blue. There is contrast however, his wings, tipped lightly with yellow-gold along the very edge of his wingspars are otherwise a blue so dark they are nearly black — and when held just so, with a surprising blotch of royal blue in the very middle, seems to form something like an artist's palate. His tail, a shocking contrast to even the darkest blue of his body is a startling bright yellow-gold which looks entirely out of place.


Title OOC Date Cast
The Plans of Goldriders February 18, 2013 Enka, Iris
Of Kisses and Beanholes March 16, 2013 Ila'den, Iris, Rhadan, V'ric
Shadhavarth and Teimyrth's Clutch Hatches April 01, 2013 Enka, Iris, Iolain, Kazuto, Sundari, D'ani, Jethaniel, Kiena, Zi'on
From One Goldrider to Another (Incomplete) October 26, 2013 Iris, Enka
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