Standing at a fairly tall height of six feet, and a few inches, Ivan has the build, and make of a lumberjack. Tangled brown hair frames the rugged features of his face. Having dark eyes, a strong chin, and a few days of growth along his face, Ivan may come off as a bit imposing with his stature, despite his gentle attitude, and well mannered ways. He is currently wearing a shirtless vest which stresses the strength of his stocky frame, and a pair of dark green pants that hug his hips, and legs in a snug manner. Boots adorn his feet, dirty and beat up from many miles of trekking, and lugging wood while out on the job.



Name Relation Location Position
Butler Father WesternWeyr Retired Carpenter
Dory Mother WesternWeyr JM. Weaver
Avashka Daughter Weyrbrat Daughter of Ashkalydn

All of Ivan's family is NPC, but if ANYONE wishes to play a parent, sibling, or cousin, please feel free to page, or @Mail me on the game, and I will be more than happy to work out something with you.


Born, and raised in Western Weyr, Ivan grew up the eldest child out of eight, as his parents were fairly intent on having a large, strong family. He must have been a real easy child to deal with, because his mother decided to have seven more after him. Having grown up in the Weyr life, he took to the lifestyle as easily as a fish to water. Dragons do not scare him, nor do they fascinate him. He was told that he has an uncle tucked away somewhere that rides in Ista, but he has yet to meet the busy man.

Taking after his father, Ivan decided he wanted to work with wood, and integrate himself into the lumber yard life of cutting down tress, lugging them across the Weyr, and helping to cut them down to mold into furniture, or other pieces that the weyrfolk may leave. He has always found it to be good, hard, and honest work, and he enjoys the long days under the heat of the sun. Now that he has taken up a small shop of his own at the Weyr, Ivan works mostly in carpentry, where he designs, and fixes furniture, and basic remodeling of structures.

At home, he still helps out regularly with his family, despite having moved out on his own for some time now. Always giving back, he looks to ensure that his younger siblings have a good role model to look up to, and that the chores are done on time, and efficiently. A messy house is a sad house after all.

As of recently, it seems that Ivan has got himself into a bit of a relationship predicament. After having a short romance with Ashkaldyn, which resulted in the birth of his first child, the pair decided to go their separate ways after finding themselves far too incompatible. Soon after, Ivan was later linked to the Weyrwoman, Aerhi, in which the pair frequented the Tiki Lounge together quite often, and has been seen drinking the night away. Despite being an odd couple, it seemed that for the next turn or so, Ivan and Aerhi would become quite a strong pairing. That is, until the Weyrwoman disappeared without notice for a few months.

From that point, Ivan sunk to his lowest point ever in his life. Being both worried, and heartbroken, he practically spent his every minute in his Shop, drinking himself away between commissions, sometimes having to be dragged home in the wee hours by his partner when found passed out on the floor. With rumors circulating that Aerhi has returned, five months pregnant, and with a history of sleeping around with a certain bronze rider, it has made the young carpenter depressed, and unmotivated to do much of anything. He'll get back on his feet, but only time will really tell.


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