Greenrider Ixie


Hair cropped rather short belay an almost feisty look upon this teenager. The locks are colored an almost dirty white-blonde, showing in what looks like gray lowlights that alight in the sun. A pert, upturned nose sits in the middle of what could be considered a pleasant face. Green eyes blaze out beneath thick, sooty eyelashes. A slash of a mouth, lips both rather thin, are either slanted upwards in a smirk or turned down in a frown. Ixieae is a tall girl, standing around 5'6 and still growing, her figure both willowy and slender.


Ixieae is Weyrbred through and through. Her parents here both dragonriders, one a greenrider, the other a brown. Though they did ship her off to the nannies the moment she was bored, both tried to play an active role in her life. The child originally hailed from High Reaches Weyr, where her mother, the brownrider, lived. It was through a flight, as it always seems to be, that she came into existence. Her father, a greenrider at Western Weyr, had been the rider whose dragon was going up and it just so happened that Ixieae's mother-to-be was there to catch.

As luck would have it, the two 'riders got along well enough and became good friends, though really never much than that. When Ixieae was actually born, she stayed with her mom at High Reaches Weyr, learning this and that about the Weyr structure. She stayed with the cavern workers more often than not, barely even seeing her mother for days. She got the chance to try her hand at many different occupations as she came of age. None really seemed to call to her, but she had no problem pitching in a helping hand when it was needed.

At sixteen, Ixieae decided she wanted to get away from the icy cold of the 'Reaches and head to a warmer climate. Of course, Western was the place she wanted and she'd have her father to mooch off of, just in case. So with a goodbye to her family and friends, she head off to start a-new.


Name Relation Location Position


Blue Demon
Palest blue is the color for this firelizard, appearing ghostly. His most distinguishing feature is his enormous eyes surrounded by a goldeny color. He is a squat firelizard with a short neck and tail, although his wings are abnormally large. The wings have a feathered pattern to them, and to enhance the birdlike impression, his muzzle tapers almost to a point, and he's got canines that stick out past his jaw in snaggleteeth. He has a perpetually shocked or astounded expression to him, as if everything he sees is an enormous surprise.



Thief In The Woods Green Idesaeslitendeth

Deep shades of myrtle dapple the hide of this husky green, mottling her hide like the underside of a vast canopy. Rising up along her ribcage are wisps of brown, spreading like small twigs to support the framework of her leafy hide. She is built strong, muscles well defined atop her thick body. Stocky and short of body, she has a compact look about her. Her powerful legs are streaked with the sooty afterimages of bark, each paw tipped in a cruel black talon. Her whip-like tail is somewhat lighter, trails of coppery gold splashing at the base and across her hindquarters as if the sun were just being glimpsed through the sheltering branches of her body. Her wings join her body at powerful shoulders, the bones slightly bigger than usual. Her wingsails are likewise dappled with splashes of amber sunlight, each membrane it's own shade of deep emerald, hunter, or occasionally navy. She looks like the deepest part of an ancient forest. Stalwart, intimidating, completely mysterious.

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