Nickname Iz
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Current Location Western Weyr
Craft Healer
Rank Sr. Apprentice
Specialty General Practice
Portrayed By Ben Barnes


Already prematurely aging with the stressful responsibilities of his duties as a healer, young Izkas has the wise, dark eyes of a man a decade or so his senior: eyes that have seen much, and learned when not to tell the tale. His not-quite-black hair falls haphazardly down past his strong, bestubbled chin, covering his neck and repeatedly landing in his eyes. His steady, solemn gaze looks out on the world from beneath strong dark brows, lending him an air of authority that is only occasionally overruled by the mischievous twinkle lurking in the depths of his eyes.

His clothing is prosaic, easy to clean: black twill pants, in need of better hemming, and a buttondown shirt that was either barely dyed or never bleached — a faint beige, slightly paler than his skin, which peeks out at his throat from between the top two (unfastened) buttons.


The second result of a mating flight pairing to the exact same couple, rather than to one parent or another, Izkas came as an actually wanted surprise. His parents, riders at Fort, had enjoyed raising his older brother together until early childhood, and reunited contentedly enough for the second time around. And so he was a happy weyrbrat, with a full older brother to look up to (admittedly, said older brother wasn't that much older and his parents were still raising brother Kazulen at the time of his birth) until around age twelve, when his brother had already joined the Weyr's Guard. Izkas was more the rangy type than his brother, and certainly didn't see guarding in his future; instead, to totally confound his entirely non-crafter family, and to serve his own interests of actually learning the craft, Izkas joined the Healer Hall.

Where he remained, for five long and laborious turns, sapping up information like a sponge, charming and scandalizing and generally enjoying the company of patients and craftmates alike, until shortly after his seventeenth turnday he sat his Senior Apprentice exams and passed. (Okay, so they were his senior apprentice exams for the second time, maybe, but that doesn't mean he's not a good Healer, just that he's not as good at book learning!) Mere months after, Iz put in for a posting at 'wherever,' and was sent to Western Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Zika Mother Fort Weyr Seamstress
U'selan Father Fort Weyr Brownrider
Kazulen Brother Fort Weyr Guard


Brown Mud
Pure honey drips across this firelizard's back, some trickling down to puddle around his belly. Mahogany dipped paws are preceded by dark brown neck and shoulders, providing a counterpoint to his burnished neckridges. A rather sturdy brown, not thin, not overly muscled, just right in between. Wide wings tend towards the dark side, gleaming with shadowed brilliance. Nicely conformed, this firelizard is, and quite sweet when you get to know him.

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