Jeldor stands at an even 5'11 inches tall, and is graced with a full head of shoulder-length wavy black hair. His hair tends to shimmer with a deep blue hue in the sunlight, which is only slightly offset by a thin white streak that begins at his forehead and glimmers down his back, leaving it's pure white splendor behind. His piercing ocean blue eyes are framed with long lush black lashes that even a woman would be envious of.

Jeldor carries himself with a grace that normally is gained by hunting. His deep olive skin, tanned by the sun bares a few marks of his adventures as a youth, though it just enhances his rugged good looks. His slim, well-muscled body is clothed with a pair of black weyrhide pants slip snug on his hips at just the right places, accenting his assets to their fullest. His chest is covered in a deep blue tunic that hugs to his chest like a second skin. His shoulder carries a blue riders knot, that matches his beautiful Rhaniath. His feet are covered with long black boots that reaches the middle of his thighs, encasing them in leather.

Incased in a leather sheath, hanging from a belt loop is a silver handled dagger with a dragon embedded on it.


Jeldor was raised by a Hunter by the name of Berel at Crom Hold. It wasn't until he was 12 that he was told that Berel wasn't really his father. However, by then, he had taken to hunting like it was in his blood. His foster father Berel was a hard man, teaching him that in order to be the best, you must live and breathe hunting. Hunting seemed to be a profession that he was born for, so the motto of his foster father wasn't hard to live by. Since Berel was not a rich man, Jeldor and Berel didn't have many marks to spend on the normal creature comforts. Jeldor spent most of his time either killing animals, or cooking his father's dinner.

On his 13th turnday, Berel gave his son a silver dagger, his first of many. He took to that dagger like a fish to water, and soon was able to throw it with an accuracy of any adult. Soon, he had sold enough meat to buy another small dagger, which he hides in his boot.

Soon after turning 16, he was searched for a clutch at Telgar Weyr, but failed to impress. He wasn't exactly needed at a weyr as a hunter, but he soon found that he had a few other skills that were helpful, and decided to stick around. When he was 20, he was searched again, and this time he impressed to Blue Rhaniath. He was very happy and loved to spend countless hours with his partner. He soon took up Dragon Healing as a profession, and he found his new life calling.


Name Relation Location Position
Berel Foster-Father Crom Hold Hunter



Dark Forest Shadows Blue Rhaniath
Shadows from the forest primeval, slide across the indigo hide of this blue dragon from the tip of his narrowed, pointed muzzle back to the broadened spade of his tail. Darkness creeps, with moon gilded skeletal fingers to trace along his face to favor the narrowed wedge with brightened boning and shadowed hollows, that slowly fades into the steady wiry muscling found on his neck and shoulders. The lingering night continues, an evolving portrait of the forest as it spreads across sheer membranes for his wings, a mass of twisted trees and greenery darkened into the barely recognizable as they twist across his 'sails. Gloaming continues, sliding across his lengthy body before dripping along his haunches, spilled like fog along his flanks and outlining the lithe edges that lead to functional paws and deadly tipped talons. A whipping twist, midnight shaded as his tail drifts along behind, 'ridges captured like the night and in some forgotten dream left to the darkness before it fades to dawn.

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