Retired Weyrwoman Jazmyn


The retired Weyrwoman of Western Weyr and lifemate to gold Crystath, a 42 meter long queen dragon who is known to be as hardheaded and stubborn as her rider. She has a fiery temper, but a sense of humor to ballence it. Her sense of duty to Pern and her dragon is strong. She would that the dragonriders find a new purpose in life and learn to earn their keep, not depend on the generosity of the Holds.

These days she spends a lot of time at Half Moon Bay Hold where she raises racing runners in her retirement. Shes not as young as she used to be, but looks healthy and strong for a woman from having grown up in a sea Hold and spent her young days hauling nets of fish with the men due to being a bit of a tomboy and having tossed a sailor off the boat when he told her that girls were too weak to help catch fish. Not by nature the violent type, but quite able to defend herself, she was very independent till she impressed Crystath, who turned her life upside down.

She is about 5'6", with green eyes and dark auburn hair with grey/silver at the temples and looks to be in her mid fifties, but is realy much older then she looks.

She is wearing a form fitting riding outfit with a purple embroidered mountain with a black embroidered dolphin leaping in front of the mountain on the back. She is also wearing knee high black leather boots and sunglasses…
She is 89 Turns, 1 month, and 2 days old.

She doesn't move as fast at she used to and has started using a cane to get up and down stairs. The cane is carved from skybroom wood and the handle is carved in the likeness of a leaping dolphin..


The retired Sr. Weyrwoman at Western Weyr. Known to be just a little different then most wws in that she has a bit of a gambling bug and tends to bet on the runners, play poker and just about every other form of gambling…She seems to do well enough at it and is said to have a tidy nest egg of marks. Now that she is retired, she raises and races Runnerbeasts which she stables at Half Moon Bay Hold.

She is begining to suffer from joint ill and carries a cane for helping her get up and down the stairs to her weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Jazia Mother Deceased
Tamyn Father Deceased
S'lvyn Weyrmate Western Weyr Rider




Gold Crystath
Her hide is like the red sky at morning, before a storm, washed over with gold like the sun. When the sun hits her hide it glows like golden flames. Though she is not a young dragon anymore, she is just as active as she ever was.

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