Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Hold
Occupation Journeyman Healer
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Green
Played By Chrishell Stubbs

If Jennet let her hair down, it would fall to mid-back in a wild and far-ranging halo of tight curls, dark with liberal doses of sun-streaking. Much of the time it's restrained in a sloppy bun which still boasts impressive volume; individual curls frequently sneak free to bounce around her heart-shaped face. Her skin is darker, even by island standards, and she possesses bold, broad features including a generous mouth with equally full lips, and a wide-bridged nose. In all of this rich and earthy colouration, her eyes stand out as strikingly pale: they're a light green bordering on hazel, ringed with dark lashes. Inclined to smiling, her cheeks are round and full except for the deep dimple which decorates the left, ruining the symmetry of her face.

She prefers draped, loose-fitting attire and often wears white, for its practicality— it's easier to bleach free of stains than dyed fabric. On her shoulder, however, is the knot of a Healer Journeyman, vivid purple against the paler stuff of her attire.


Istan born but soon transferred to Fort and a Healer Hall apprenticeship, Jennet has not often put down roots. The irony of this is that she excels in herbalism and coaxing green life out of the ground; her gardens often prove to be more permanent than the woman herself. Additional irony can be found in her being a Healer Journeyman who's not especially fond of blood, guts, and the other bodily substances and fluids which often result while providing medical care. Having achieved her rank through hard work and study, this hasn't been a huge impediment to her advancement in her chosen Craft, but it does contribute to her preference for her gardens and mixing rooms, where she can focus on blending the oils, creams, tinctures and perfumes that she most enjoys creating. Quiet pursuits, with useful products at the end— these are her ideals. And perhaps she'll have more opportunity for them in Half Moon Bay Weyr, her most recent posting, to fill the shoes of the journeyman turned Weyrwoman there.

Dear Ones

Name Relation Location Position
Jeryn Father Ista Hold Boatbuilder
Netalya Mother Ista Hold Pern's Best Granny
Jerry Oldest Brother Ista Hold Boatbuilder
Nettyl Oldest Sister Fort Hold Harper S. Jman
Alynya Older Sister Ista Weyr Cook
Ryn Older Brother Ista Hold Net Mender
Taryn Baby Sister Ista Hold Newlywed
Nate Baby Brother Fort Hold Apprentice Healer




Title OOC Date Cast
Jennet and the Weyr Welcome Wagon March 4, 2018 Jennet, Citayla, Ila'den, R'hyn,Tanit
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