Jeyinshi is of a completely unremarkable height, 5'3 or maybe 5'4 if she stretches. Her figure is the very embodiment of skinny and petite, though she has enough curves to be either feminine or tomboyish depending on her mood. The woman's skin is fairly pale, contrasting with her hair which is usually black but sometimes died a brownish red. At its shortest, it falls to the nape of her neck, at its longest, it comes to down to her shoulders, but never longer. Jeyin's eyes cannot be considered big in any way, and this is further emphasized by the lack of double eye lids. To make up for it, the woman wears heavy eyeliner at all times, giving her a rather sleek look.
Jeyinshi's fashion sense can be considered fairly stylish. Though she's certainly no member of the weavercraft, the woman pay's a decent amount of attention to her appearance. Edgy. That's how her clothes can be described. Her favorite outfit, and the one she is most seen in is a pair of skinny black pants with a series of cuts going up the side of each leg coupled with a black short sleeved shirt. But even the shirt isn't plain. The folds make it almost look like a small jacket that is half leather and half fabric. That isn't to say she does not like color. Indeed, she can often be seen in pastels or whites, but nothing can compete with her favorite outfit.


Jeyinshi was born in the winter at Rubicon River Hold to a pair of Master Dolphincrafters. The youngest child and only girl in a family filled with men, it was no surprise that she was slightly spoiled, at least until she became older and could play rough with her brothers. Her ability to hold her own against the 'beasts' of the family eventually led to a highly developed sense of pride and independence. When she reached 13 turns, it was no surprise that she was taken in as an apprentice at the Dolphin Crafthall, following in the footsteps of her parents and brothers. With a love for both dolphins and the sea, she enjoyed her lessons. They seemed more fun than anything else. After several turns, the girl was promoted to Journeyman status. After a few incidents she was posted at Western weyr where she now spends her days working.


Name Relation Adoptable Position
Jeena Mother No Master Dolphineer
Siwan Father No Master Dolphineer
4 brothers Older Brothers Yes All Dolphineers

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