Junior Weyrwoman Jolie


Dark chestnut curls, lightening before they frame her sharp featured face and then pulled back into a loose braid that hangs down her back. Pale, spring green eyes are shadowed by dark lashes, darker than the color of her hair. Naturally light complexioned, ivory skin is highlighted by high arched cheekbones that lead to a narrow aquiline nose and then onto a sharply pointed chin. She is still slight, although now of an average height and perhaps somewhat too thin.

She's wearing a dress of pale blue, with a shallow scooped neckline and then fitted sleeves that reach to her elbows. It has a high waist, fastened with a ribbon in near that same shade of blue and tied into a bow in front. The skirt trails down to swirl around her ankles, cut high enough that it won't drag on the floor and showing off a pair of slippers in darker blue. Fastened to one shoulder is the junior weyrwoman's knot for Western Weyr, entertwined with a strand of gold for Sevaruth.


She's a child of Glasscrafter parents, both of whom are rightly proud of their work although Jorvin remains a journeyman, while Marlie has attained master rank. For about the past ten turns they've been based at the university at Landing, helping to teach there and learning themselves. She was born just over some turns ago to the couple, followed shortly a turn later by a brother Jorl and then her sister Mavie, nearly three turns after that. She was apprenticed into the glasscraft herself just after her 12 th turnday. Those first few months were uneventful, consisting of learning about glass, not actually touching it. It was only after she was charged with helping carry stuff that she started dropping things. Never on purpose, you realize. They just fell when she tripped over her feet or set them down wrong. Thinking that perhaps, she was nervous with her parents around to see her prograss, the craft had her transferred up to a secondary hall at High Reaches Weyr.

They were right in one respect. She is less clumsy without her parents to watch her, although she still manages to drop things. Her self confidence has grown, both from being away, and from being asked to stand as a candidate at the last clutch on High Reaches' Sands for Nemoith and Kalerriarth's clutch. While she did not impress there, she did make several good friends with whom she still keeps in close touch with. So, for the moment she continues on there, making great progress in the academic part of the glasscraft and not so great progress in the practical.

Then, not even a turn or so later, she was asked once more to stand for a clutch. But this time, it involved leaving High Reaches and heading to Western, as Tirae's blue Gwellareth thought she should stand for Ilveraeth and Xalmyrilth's first clutch. A few months of chores and more friends made before that day that she stood on Western's sands as the eggs cracked and hatchlings emerged, midway through the hatching, fingers dropping nervelessly from her friends, her lifemate found as she was joined by Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Sevaruth.

Weyrlinghood passed in a blur, getting used to having more thoughts and feelings than just hers. She did alright as a weyrling, except for the fights with one of the new bronzeriders, Eh'rim. Misunderstandings and teasing resulted in her finally slapping him. Rightfully punished for that, she avoided Eh'rim for the rest of the weyrlinghood. However, even with the best of intentions, complete avoidance was impossible and things came to a head at the graduation ceremonies. An innocent flirtation on her part, toward Z'ac once again roused Eh'rim's anger both toward her and the weyrleader, and resulted in a brawl before the ceremonies were completed between the two bronzeriders. Another punishment, a dressing down by Rayne about how her behavior affects how the weyr is portrayed to the outside world and she quietly set out to be an exemplary junior.

Much to her surprise, but not so much to others, when Sevaruth first rose it was Eh'rim's bronze Musimth that ensnared the queen, leaving Jolie and Eh'rim to deal with the aftermath. Anger, and denials on their part ended with them eventually not talking and Jolie spending more time in Z'ac's company, away from both Rayne who made her nervous and Eh'rim who made her angry and nervous. It was then that Sevaruth rose for her second time, caught by an outside dragon, L'har's brown Diefeth. She and L'har dealt tolerably well with each other, even as her relationship with Z'ac seemed to be making a new turn. Only to be stopped abruptly by her, with her refusal to sleep with someone that still considered himself weyrmated. More anger at that, and for meddling in his life resulted in a fight for her with Z'ac and resulting guilt on her part for such, after he slapped her. It was not so long after this, that Rayne surprised her one more, leaving her the senior's knot for Western and leaving. Stunned, shaken and feeling even more guilty, she tried her best to step up to the job required and work with Z'ac once more.

Tensions still rose as Rayne came back to the weyr, with Ilveraeth to rise and be caught by Musimth and her staying as Ilveraeth clutched there as well. Perhaps because of this, when Sevaruth next rose she was caught by Z'ac's bronze Xalmyrilth, confirming Z'ac as weyrleader once more. Sevaruth's clutch was barely hardened when Ilveraeth rose again, caught once more by Xalmyrilth. Anger on her part as she barely talks to Z'ac through the end of the hatching, beyond trying to get him to talk with Rayne.

Not long after, once Sevaruth's clutch with Xalmyrilth hatched it seemed that Z'ac and Jolie talked less and less. Finally, when the gold rose once more it was a different bronze to claim her. Ez'ial, bronze Petryth's was the victorious one. Although that pairing wasn't so successful either. What with Ez'ial pining after a love left at Ista. Eventually, Ez'ial stepped down to return, before Sevaruth even rose again, and against tradition a brown rider was chosen to lead. X'an, brown Izelth's. Soon after, X'an's leadership was confirmed when his Izelth captured Sevaruth in her flight. X'an was just settling in, when the plague hit. Because of the effects of the plague on folks, Jolie and X'an had more than their share of problems, that they still try to work out. Through her having a child with one of X'an's wingriders, P'rlan, brown Ceannath's and X'an's love for a Fortian rider. Once more, Sevaruth has confirmed X'an as weyrleader, despite the pair's differences. It was not to be, though that X'an remain Western's Weyrleader. Soon after her last clutch with Izelth hatched, Sevaruth took to the skies once more in a fast and furious flight that Izelth, injuried only days before was unable to participate in. In the aftermath of that, a new man was proclaimed Western's Leader. M'kail, rider to bronze Gilanth and an upstart from Ierne as the weyr labeled him.


Name Relation Location Position
Marlie Mother
Jorvine Father
Jorl Brother
Mavie Sister
Parlil Son
Isalie Daughter
Iaerlil Son


Brown Tobacco
From the tip of the head to the end of the tail, this gorgeous brown firelizard is obviously a bit more /exotic/. Covering most of his long, lithe, lanky form is brown, mottled here and there with near-black, and also a color coming quite close to red-orange. That on its own would make a firelizard seem abnormally colorful, but there's more. His body is fletched with scratched streaks of jet black, clustered quite closely, giving the already odd-looking beast an appearance less of scales or dragonhide and more of fur. Anyone taking a cursory glance at this handsome man would nearly think he was one of those terran bats, or possibly a kite!

Brown Wand
The sleek lines generally accorded to the smaller of firelizards have managed somehow to transpose themselves upon the elegant form of this young brown firelizard. From muzzle to tail-tip he is all smooth curves and slender proportions, even his ridges are slightly flattened instead of coming to the normal sharp point. As far as color it follows in flowing waves and gentle highlights. A strong amber browned cassiterite stretches and flows easily across smoothed hide. Small wingsails are exactly the same color as body, only lightened by the thinness of the membranes as light casts through. The light warms the cassiterite sails to a luscious yellow-gold. Spots of orange-brown dapple his flattened eyeridges and color his talons. Overall the look of him carries a simple elegance, as if this is the way all were meant to be, that something so perfect and beautiful need not be complicated as well.

Green Lilac
This green is tiny, even for her color. She's like a crocus to trying to sprout through the half melted snow. She is all that is best about spring and summer- the fresh breezes that rock the rolling treetops and clear away the stale air of winter, the heady and all encompassing scent of lilac, and the vibrent colors crowding out the greys and browns of winter. Her flesh is the color of newly grown grass, that emerald shade that fades as the year progresses caught at its peak. Her wings are like the crincling undersides of birch leaves, and her eyes the swaths of colorful wildflowers.


Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Sevaruth
From muzzle to headknobs, dark shades of aged gold fade to a fine champagne, darkening again only at the tips of the rather pronounced 'knobs. Her eyes are large and wide-set, most usually softly whirling in content shade of blue. Whirling at a fierce pace they appear a start contrast to the pale honey hide. Between her eyes a faint filigree intricately webs its way in stades of the palest gold, ending at her copper-tipped headknobs. The lighter champagne shades darken again along her neck to a shade of ancient gold long buried, spreadkng across her wide chest and down the thick forearms, clashing with the paler shades that vint upwards from the sheaths of deadly, opalescent talons. The rest of her body is the soft shade of buffed gold, her hindquarters and legs a bit small in comparison to her upper body, giving the appearance of being top-heavy. Following the lean outline of her lower body, her tail tapers off slowly and seems rather long. Like that of her dam, the tail ends in a final burst of the darkest shade of gold. Wings unfurled, they seem a little long for her body, each thin golden sail freckled with spots that appear almost a dark shade of blue. Folded, they appear to lie awkwardly against her back.

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