Joraycen seems to be 6' tall, though this might be an illusion. His hair is thick and loosely curled, trimmed to a length that makes him seem constantly in need of a haircut, and brushed back away from his face with a distinct side part - left or right seems to depend on the day. The colour is hard to determine; it could be black or a very dark brown, certain lighting picking out almost auburn highlights. His facial features are strong without being boxy, broad across brow and cheeks, leading down into angular jaw. Striking blue eyes sit beneath brows that slope downward towards his temples, lending a sincere, almost melancholy cast to his expressions. His nose is long and narrow, and seems as if it might have been broken at some point, the bridge having a noticable rightward curve. His mouth fits his face, neither too wide or narrow, lips neither full or thin.

Joraycen is a man who is no stranger to hard work, with well-defined but not overly bulky musculature. His build is lean, athletic, with broad shoulders and narrow waist and hips. He most often wears a lightweight cotton shirt in some shade of blue, lacings left undone, leaving the shirt to hang open in a wide V down to mid-chest, revealing thick, tightly curled chest hair. The shirt is long sleeved, though these are always rolled up to well past his elbows. Long legs are covered in dark brown leather trousers, cinched at his waist with a wide belt. Attached to the belt are three pouches, one large and two small, a sheath for his belt knife and a coil of thin rope. The larger pouch sits behind his left hip, with one of the smaller ones next to it. The knife sits also at his left hip, just near the jut of pelvic bone. Third pouch and rope are located on his right. Feet and most of his lower legs to just above the knees are covered by well worn, square-toed riding boots, heeled appropriately, and with a seemingly decorative strap and buckle across the insteps.

Joraycen's shoulder knot marks him as an Apprentice posted to Western Weyr, alongside the yellow-on-white patch of the Beastcraft Hall. He appears to be 20 Turns, 1 month, and 11 days old.


Joraycen is the eldest child of Joraya and Mycen, workers on a remote cothold within the High Reaches coverage area that specialises in the raising of goats. Milk and cheese are produced, but their primary cashcrop, so to speak, comes off the goats' backs rather than within their bodies. They're bred especially for their thick coats, and especially the soft fibres from the kids, shipments of mohair being sent regularly to the Weavercraft Hall to be processed into a soft, warm fabric well suited for finer garments in those cold, northern climes.

Three turns after his birth, his younger sister Ceraya arrived, and Ray fell immediately in love. He doted upon his younger sister from day one, and as they grew older would always do his best to watch out for and help her. Their life by necessity was one of work, for as soon as they were deemed old enough they were out helping with the herds. This meant that many basic educational lessons were missed, for their home was much too small to warrant a posted Harper to teach the littles. There was very little time for, say, leisure reading, and the skill wasn't deemed an important one for those who had no involvement with the selling side of things. Arithmetic was taught, but only at the most basic level - so long as you could accurately calculate when the kids would drop and whatnot, you were concidered proficient enough.

Ray, for all that he enjoyed working closely with the animals, was intensely dissatisfied with life on the cothold. It was a place too small for his dreams, and he'd outgrown it by the time he was ten. Chaffing at the restricted lifestyle, it was only Ceraya that kept him there, the chubby-cheeked, cheerful 8-turn-old seeming the only thing that made the place bearable. She would accompany him out to check the closer herds, and they would ramble amiably through the valleys and hills, making up stories and laughing and playing. It was only to Ceraya that Joraycen felt he could confess his dreams and grandoise plans, these always beginning with "Some day, when I'm old enough to take you away with me…."

Disaster struck the winter of his 12th turn, when his father got caught out in a sudden blizzard. The cothold lost a large, but not devastating portion of their breeding herd. Joraycen lost a father; his body was never recovered. Joraya was utterly devastated by the loss of her husband, sinking into a severe depression. One of her friends at the cothold got word to her sister, Danaya, a seamstress at Tillek Hold, and that rather formidable woman comandeered herself a bluerider to go and collect her sister, niece and nephew.

The change was a drastic one for Joraycen and his sister both, as their aunt Danny promptly took firm control over their lives. The first thing she did was ensure they both attended lessons to learn how to read and write, and catch up on everything else they missed while growing up in "that horrid little backwater." Ray struggled, and for a change it was his sister who had to look out for and help him, as her quick-witted and agile mind took to the learning like a spring flower takes to rain and sunshine. It was only to her that Ray would admit that the letters seemed to want to rearrange themselves before his eyes, and while he did manage to pick up the skill of reading, it remains a distinct hardship, and the more complicated vocabularies of adult-level writings continue to elude him. For the same reason he tries to avoid writing whenever possible, as his spelling is atrocious, and he fears this would give away his secret.

In a bizarre twist for the boy, Ray began to seek refuge with the animals, volunteering himself as a willing assistant in the Hold stables. With his tyrannical aunt determined to whip him and his sister into well-rounded, productive members of Pernese society, and his mother never truly recovered from her grief, remaining withdrawn and many days unresponsive to all but direct questions, he had less time for fanciful dreaming. Turning himself towards work, then, seemed the only acceptable alternative. It was this roundabout eagerness that earned him the attention of a visiting Journeyman Beastcrafter, there for a short span of time to celebrate the birth of a new nephew.

Joraycen wasn't convinced to request an apprenticeship straight away. In fact, the Journeyman returned to the Hall alone, and it took another Turn and a half of convincing by Ceraya - "I will be perfectly fine; I am hardly alone here!" - before the now 15-going-on-16 young man would dare to send a message, asking if the Journeyman even remembered him, and if so, would he help him become apprenticed to Beastcraft Hall. He was indeed remembered, and while perhaps a little old to be starting an apprenticeship, Ray's background meant he had a firm enough grasp on the basics of animal husbandry to be accepted.

For three turns he devoted himself to the lessons of the Hall, giving the impression of an earnest and studious nature as he fought against his reading handicap. He did better at the practical side of things, and soon developed a preference for working with more specialized animals than livestock. He took a surprising liking to the terriers and ferrets, especially the latter, their social and affectionate natures endearing them to him, along with their usefulness as tunnelsnake hunters and general pest control.

For all his genuine enjoyment of and interest in the Craft, even if he -did- originally apprentice to escape his aunt, Joraycen's restless nature soon had him chaffing at the confines of the Hall. He's one for whom new experiences and different locations are a must, or he swiftly becomes bored and dissatisfied. His work didn't suffer, but his mood certainly did, as he became quieter and more withdrawn, focusing more and more on the animals and spending less time around his fellows. This was a bad development, as Ray is also a social creature, craving human contact and conversation almost as much as New And Exciting Things. So when word started circulating that there might be a chance for an apprentice to get posted to Western Weyr, Joraycen was among the first to put his name forward for concideration.


Name Relation Location Position
Joraya Mother
Mycen Father
Ceraya Sister
Danaya Aunt





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