A curly mop of dark brown hair sits upon his head, the normally short crop left to grow during his time at Ierne, off active duty. It has a tendancy to get in his face, obscuring his blue eyes, and curling around his ears which stick out just a bit. His nose is rather flat, as are his lips, and the pink of the latter blends in with his tanned skin. His average build stands just over 6 feet tall, though his tendancy to slouch may make you think otherwise.

K'ris looks sort of ridiculous, with a bright bandana over his wild curls, while a thrice patched vest of bright blue is settled over a loose shirt of ruby red. Leather pants are a smooth brown, while red boots rise to his knees. A few rings and necklaces adorn his as well, adding to his bright, and rather unusual, ensemble.


Kharis was a normal enough lad - he grew up with the children of Xanadu, his mother a greenrider in Search and Rescue who found herself without the time or the inclination to raise him herself. As he grew up, he did what he was told, working on the chores that were set in front of him without argument. Yet, he never truly showed excellance in any single area, and never apprenticed out to a craft. Instead, he continued to work around the weyr, eventually becoming an assistant to an assistant steward. At the age of 15, he was asked to stand on the Sands at Xanadu, and he accepted, however he was left without a dragon. The same thing occurred many times over the next 7 years, at Xanadu as well as Eastern, Western, and Ista. As he slowly became one of the older male candidates in any given group, his hopes faded, and he worked with more fervor as an assistant. However, his patience would pay off, for when he was just shy of his 23rd turnday, the clutches of Calanth and Aerith were on the Sands at Xanadu, and he chose to give it another attempt. This time, it seems, luck with with him, for he found himself leaving the Sands with brown Khufuth.

Weyrlinghood passed without incident, as did the first few turns as he rode in the Search and Rescue wing along side his mother, as well as others. Yet, during a particularly risky drill, Khufuth caught a thermal incorrectly and wrenched his wing badly. With a diagonsis of strained muscles, and possibly joint damage, K'ris and Khufuth were sent to Ierne to recuperate without the lure of the wing to rush their recovery. And so, the pair is settling into their temporary home, though neither seems too pleased by the arrangement.


Name Relation Location Position
Lisle Weyrmate Ista Weyr Junior Weyrwoman to Gold Umniyath


Brown Barbossa
Rugged planks of timber, once proudly crafted and lovingly oiled are now left to rot for hundreds of years beneath an unforgiving sea. Cracks and fissures in the 'wood' of his frame give the illusion of damage and scaring, but in truth he's a fine, healthy brown firelizard. Dark brown rises on his muzzle and falls down his neck, scarred and pitted with darker markings in a random pattern. It carries throughout his entire frame, except his wings. His wings are pure, beautiful chocolate brown, with no markings at all.

Green Penny
A green who seems a bit too dull to be lively, mossy, old, and worn. The green is rather dull with sad drooping eyes, they appear baggy old, and far from new. The rest of her body is slim, young, and youthful despite the old and worn color. She tries to appear happy but the shape of her eyes seems far too baggy for that to work. Agile and lean, almost appearing to be just skin and bones with what looks to be neglect but she's quite the lively one.



Brown Khufuth
Felinesque, that's one way to describe this fine fellow. Finely sculpted sandy brown, this creature is somehow statuelike, striking a pose and holding it, head high. The colour of sandy brown is all-encompassing, clinging over the body as if the freshly hatched dragonet was created by some great sand-sculptor. Movement is deliberate and slow, he seems to think before he moves, not wasting any of his precious energy. Sharp features stand out in chiseled points, no softly rounded edges on this guy. He seems to be in fully gown proportions, just, well, miniaturized.

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