Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Occupation Consumer of Strange Critters
Hair Black
Eyes Honey Brown
Dragon Child of Nature Gold Celimoth

Coal black strands flow softly in gentle waves down this young woman's head, over narrow shoulders before they finally end at her lower waist. Those same darkened strands feather about her cheeks as they frame her face down past her chin. Complexion is of a healthy pale tone, a delicate blush showing against the soft hues as well as a faint mottling of freckles across her nose and below her eyes which stand brightly upon her face: orbs of the softest honey brown playful depths. Her frame is nothing out of the norm, average height and not too thin for a woman of her age though there is some muscle tone from work of turns passed slipping over well endowed curvature.

Hanging snugly about her shoulders and sweeping smoothly down her slender form is nothing more than a simple suede jacket covering a like colored shirt underneath, smooth and well kept during it's every day use and abuse. A dark pair of mahogany pants falls from her waist, held well into place by a raven sash snugly tied and left to dangle at her hip down to her knees. The same raven hues peer out from the cuffs of thick pants, in the form of neatly tied shoes that have obviously seen better days.

Residing upon this young woman's shoulders is a knot intertwined with gold noting her lifemate Celimoth and her position as Senior Weyrwoman of Half Moon Bay Weyr.


During one of the many flights that take place between greenriders and anyone else nearby, Kadesh was the result after the bonding of a friendly pair. Kalief, already having give birth to one child, didn't think she could handle the little one after the 'most agonizing nine months' of her life. Same with the first, not too soon after birth the little girl was raised by friends of her mother's rather than going off with her father. Apparently, he already had his hands full with her first child and she didn't want to build too much tension between them.

As the girl grew up, she taken up helping in the kitchens with her mother's friends and various nannies, learning how to prepare things for a great meal and presentation. Once in a while as she grew, she was even allowed to cook some of the meals placed upon the tables for supper. Like her sibling, food was ravenously devoured yet they manage to keep their thin physique. At the age of fourteen turns, as most curious children, she wanted to visit her brother, being a rider and going out on Search and Rescue missions! Where has she been spending her life!? Kadesh took it upon herself to spend more and more time with her older brother, even if it means working down in Fort's kitchens now that she's of age. At the very least, she can sit and have supper with O'lief and the little ones.

Well, the only problem stopping her from spending time with her brother was getting away from taking care of things at home, working side jobs, anything to earn a few marks to keep up things and appearances. Laundry rooms were nothing but a piece of cake, who can't fold a decent blanket or shirt now!? Come on!? Cleaning up the Living Caverns? Does being able to move a broom count!? There's nothing she can't do as far as menial chores and works so over the turns she floated until she was determined to revert back to her mission of dominating Fort's kitchens! New and unexplored territory.

Kadesh has taken it upon herself to settle down in the Gemstone Taverns as a barback at first. Simply gathering glasses, serving and taking orders. Cleaning up /any/ establishment was a given and considering the atmosphere of the place, she didnt mind at all. Especially since free drinks made it her way on occasion, talk about perks. Over time the young woman has managed to help along with the other hard workers of the tavern to build up quite a clientele so staying up at the front and even mixing drinks for her customers is where she resided until golden Celimoth found her on the hatching sands.

To this day, Kadesh and Celi tend to the duties and responsibilities of Half Moon Bay as the weyr's Senior Weyrwoman.


Name Relation Location Position
O'desh Father Unknown Greenrider
Kalief Mother Fort Weyr Senile Bluerider
O'lief Brother Monaco Bay Weyr Rider to Green Kheyuth
Suresh Brother MIC Hall Minercraft Apprentice
Branesh Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Olarya Niece Xanadu Weyr Resident
Silion Nephew Xanadu Weyr Resident
Siarief Niece Xanadu Weyr Resident
Odari Nephew Xanadu Weyr Resident
Kyra Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Bluerider
Branyn Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
K'an Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Bluerider
Zelda Daughter Fort Weyr Resident


Tomato and Fennel Risotto Brown Brute

Burly, bulky, and downright honestly a bit fat, this firelizard still seems to bubbly over with an inner enthusiasm that seems barely contained, even within his generous frame. While most browns have a single, dominant shade, this one is a collage of evenly distributed shades that make determining one single hue all but impossible. A rich, dark broth gives way to grains of riverwild pale gold, their pearly textures adding sparkles of brilliance to his hide. Swirls of a faint scarlet hue give way to bold splashes of bright tomato red, butting up against diced bits of green so well incorporated they're all but lost in the darker shades. Darker flecks of hunter green peek out here and there, like hidden fronds in the depths of a swamp, providing the best platform around his eyes where the darkness helps to make the bright swirling tones all but glow of their own accord. There is but one odd feature, however. One color that, while not in amount, stands out by sheer oddity. That is, each foot, to varying degree be it a slight coating or the whole thing, is donned in a 'shoe' of bright unmistakable orange.

Courage of Bear Blue Nightmare

Robust and stocky, this firelizard speaks of a physical strength and stamina uncommon of his color, coupled with a fierce inner resolve that brings a vivid light to shine through multifaceted eyes. His smooth skin is the color of a winter stream, a faintly gray-tinged natural blue hinted with slightly brown undertones along his undersides. A splash of darker blue is scuffed over the ridge of his arched muzzle, with a similar color forming a smudge between his shoulders. The spaces between wing spars is the brighter blue of a reflected sky, with talons dipped in a dusty onyx.

Too Lazy to Desc Green Mintier


Child of Nature Gold Celimoth

Buttery gold is brushed over the silky hide of this small gold, forming a solid base color over which lighter and darker hues are layered. Caramel is slathered over her head and spine, giving definition to her headknobs and vertebrae along her neck and back, before it is smoothly blended into the dominate buttery gold hue of her body. Ivory mingles with gold to create a lighter belly, though unsatisfied with being limited to this domain alone it trickles along her legs and lightens her legs. It is at the very tips of her limbs, in her talons, that undiluted ivory shows through. Lighter ripples are visible here and there along the lines of her body, defined by sinewy muscles, and are contrasted by darker shadows of the palest iridescent green. The effect is something akin to the dance of light upon a body of water. Compared to her peers there is no denying that this one is small and dainty. The lines of her body appear to be formed with a minimum of noise; she is all sleek lines with no excess to her frame. Though her build is well-proportioned and light for a queen, her wings are of the proportionate size for a dragon of slightly larger bulk. The thin fabric of her wingsails is a pale golden ivory color tinged with streaks of buttercream.


Kadesh has been in 10 scenes since rising from the dark primordial depths of the unknown.

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