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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Resident
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown

Although Kaeni's skin is relatively fair, it can't be described as 'pale' due to how easily it tans. A lucky trait to have considering where she lives. Her dirty blonde hair goes down to the small of her back and is frequently pulled back in a runner's tail. Faint laugh lines already crease the corners of her brown eyes. She has a diamond shaped face and a small build. Clothing is no matter for Kaeni. She'll wear whatever feels comfortable no matter how it looks. That being said, she does have a soft spot for the feel of skirts. Most days she can be found in a short sleeved shirt and a knee-length skirt.


Kaeni was born into Half Moon Bay Weyr. A flightlust-born child of two riders, neither had any particular interest in raising her. The result was her being fostered off to a woman named Telya. This was never a point of angst for her. She grew up seeing Telya as her mother and went about life as a fireball in the making. She had good intentions, really. Those good intentions just tended to get her into trouble more often than not. It's really something of a miracle that she's made it to eighteen turns old without any major incidents.


Name Relation Location Position
Kuzi Mother Rider to Green Pallith
E'ven Father Rider to Brown Zerth
Telya Foster Mother




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