Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Blue Fire Hold
Occupation Resident
Hair Golden Blond
Eyes Blue

Golden hair falls in wild waves, framing the youthful face of this young woman, spilling over her shoulders and ending at the small of her back. Blue eyes behind pale lashes light up her features, offering vibrant hues to sun-kissed skin and faint freckles. Lips are stained red, accentuating her smile and facial expressions. Her build and height is otherwise average and fit for a young girl with healthy curvature.

A simple white tunic is worn, collar hanging low with tan knotwork embroidered along the hemline. The garment is tucked into a pair of brown wherhide pants as black leather wraps around her waist, accompanied with a leather pouch strapped to the belt for storage on one side and a loop to hold small leather gloves in the other. A pair of durable black boots covers her feet, rising only just above her ankles.


Karmella grew up a typical wild and reckless youth working the fields and kitchens with her family in Blue Fire Hold. She loved her fun but understood the value of hard work. Not Blood, but her family has proven to be loyal cotholders through a distant friendship stemming from the Hold's Steward and the grandfather of her family. When she came of age, she was arranged (not by choice) to be married to a nice well disciplined and reputable young man, but the young man was offered a chance to be a Candidate for Ista Weyr. The choice came to let things end when this was to be the young man's /last chance/ to stand for Impression before he grew too old. The split was amicable and both parted ways, much to the chagrin of the families involved. The young man fled with a quickness for Ista Weyr, and Karmella remained at home… As soon as night fell, she packed her things and ran off into the night. This young woman is back to being wild and free before her brothers are sent find her and bring her home.


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