Kaylis & Very Model Of A Scientist Brown Grellith

Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth High reaches Hold
Occupation Wingrider
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Dragon Very Model Of A Scientist Brown Grellith


Wispy brown hair falls in a natural wave, caught up here and there in rough, half-hearted, braids, and bristling with static. Too-long bangs threaten to dip into wide chocolate eyes, whilst full lips and large ears vie for 'most prominent feature' on this young woman's round face. A long neck fades into an angular body, each bone making its own corner along shoulders, back, and hips.

A simple dress hangs loosely on her frame, once a bright shade of blue and now enhanced with multicoloured embroidery around the waist and bottom hem. Close inspection shows that it's not weaver quality stitching, more a sampler of different stitches in scraps of thread that make a fairly pleasing, if poor quality, addition. Her legs are bare, pale skin showing from knee to plain black shoes that show a fair amount of use. A thin, cream, hand-knit cardigan finishes her outfit.

She wears the knot of an Half Moon resident, and around her left wrist is a bracelet of blue and white braided cord.


Kaylis is quite possibly the most boring person on Pern and scarily enough she's rather happy to be that way. Originally from High Reaches Hold she comes from a family of crafters, but she never had the urge to go that way herself in spite of the usual parental pressures. It was never a case of she couldn't do things, just that she didn't want to. She could sew a little, she could knit, and when she finally found something she liked she just puttered away at it happily.

At the age of 11 the whole family upped and moved to Ista Weyr - her father had just received a new posting and he wasn't going to leave anyone behind no matter how much they wanted it. It took Kaylis a long time to adjust to a different place, different people, dragons. Like most children she'd dreamed of the day she'd be carried off and Searched, but her dreams ended the day she arrived at the Weyr - they were just there, the mystery had gone, the dreaming ended.

At 13 she was taken on as a seamstress, and even though she'd not had the weaver training she was handy enough with a needle. More to the point she liked the job, no matter how dull it seemed to others.

7 turns later, she's a 20 turn old seamstress with no ambition to be anything or anyone other than she currently is.


Name Relation Location Position
Tiresa Mother Ista Weyr Healer
Issac Father Ista Weyr Weaver



Very Model Of A Scientist Brown Grellith
He's all limbs and neck and tail, this brown. Lanky and long and sleek, he's a creature that's meant to move - and move quickly. His muzzle is a bit on the short side, contrasting eyes that are abnormally large, and his maw doesn't seem quite as large as it probably ought to be. The most notable quirk is his right headknob, which appears to be much shorter than the other one is; an anomaly, to be sure. His coloration is a smooth, medium hue of brown that drapes itself over the majority of his slender physique. There are deviations: the tan that covers his mouth and touches his eyeridges, the pallor of his paws, and the dark, tribal patterns that slash their way from his forehead and down the back of his neck, between narrow neckridges. His wingsails are not immune to the markings, either; there, they're transcribed in near black, as if to emphasize their importance. The patterns turn into evenly spaced rings along the length of his tail, only to end on a lighter note. His claws are clinical and white, tipping too-long digits that are rarely still.


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