Gender Female
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
on 2676.05.05
Occupation Woodcrafter:
Senior Apprentice
Hair Long, wavy, dark brown
Eyes Dark brown
Portrayed by Marguerite Moreau

Kayse is of average height for a young woman at a comfortable five-foot-eight. Her active lifestyle has maintained her slender build and she has pleasant blend of muscle and femininity. Her features have lost the softness of childhood and taken on the delicate bloom of maturity. Dark brown eyes are fringed with a thick array of short lashes, which have only the slightest curl. Kayse's face is more oval than triangular in shape with a strong chin. Her nose is short and narrow, set over lush lips and framed by rounded, freckle-dusted cheeks which dimple deeply when she smiles . Kayse’s wavy, oak-brown hair has been allowed to grow to the middle of her back, though it is frequently pulled back into a pony tail or braid.

It would seem that today was a day of hard labor for Kayse, as the crafter is wearing plain, durable garments that are unlikely to show stains. Her tunic is dark green and hang straight from her shoulder, gathered in at the waist by her heavy belt. Khaki-colored trousers cover her legs, with reinforced patches at the knees. Her feet are protected by un-dyed wherhide boots.

Kayse is wearing a loose-fitting peasant-style blouse of thin white linen. It is embroidered with vines on the wrists and along the collar, with the occasional small blue flower accenting the green leaves. The blouse drapes neatly over the waist of a forest-green Gypsy skirt, which hangs in turn to just above her shoes. Those are soft green slippers, simple and unadorned with a thin, flexible sole.

Today Kayse wears a dark blue cotton blouse with a square cut neck and 3/4 length sleeves. A thin band of black ribbon has been sewn along the neck and the edges of the sleeves, emphasizing the vibrant shade of the blouse. The blouse, which is cut to flatter her slender waist, neatly tucks into the paneled A-line skirt which hangs to her calves. The skirt is primarily black with accents in blue ribbon to match her blouse, sewn atop the panel seams to create slender vertical banding the full length of the skirt. A simple pair of low-heeled pumps made of black suede completes the outfit.

Prominently displayed among Kayse's clothing is the knot of a Woodcraft apprentice posted to Western Weyr.


Kayse's maternal grandparents travelled to Half Moon Bay Hold in the fall of Turn 2650. Her grandfather was a shipwright with the Seacraft and her grandmother a cook of modest success. They settled at the Hold in their early twenties and soon thereafter started producing children. Emeryse is the middle of three daughters, born in Turn 2657, and the only one who pursued a Craft, taking after her father to learn about ship construction. By the time she was in her teens she was officially apprenticed and working on repairs in the shipyards, inevitably exposing her to the comings and goings of each visiting vessel.

Kayse's father Karvyne, born in Turn 2654 at Ista Hold, first arrived at Half Moon Bay Hold in Turn 2671 aboard a shipping vessel where he was serving his apprenticeship under the ship's navigator. He quickly became smitten with the teenage Emeryse and spent the next several Turns courting her with her father's blessings. Once he attained the rank of Journeyman early in Turn 2674 he was officially posted to the Hold as his base of operations. Within a Turn he and Emeryse married, and but a few months later their eldest, a daughter, was born. A little over a Turn later Kayse entered the world, followed a few Turns thereafter by her brother.

Kayse's childhood was fairly normal by Hold standards, with her parents, aunts and uncles all working together to raise her generation and ready access to Harpers providing a solid educational foundation. Early on Kayse showed an interest in gardening, which matured into a love for the island's forests. She often hiked with whichever family members were available and made an effort to familiarize herself with the stretches of forest nearest her home.

When Kayse reached the age of twelve she apprenticed with the Woodcraft, spending two Turn at the main Hall in Lemos to learn the basics of the Craft. She then returned to the Hold and spent another Turn beginning to learn about forestry from the local expert. After the end of her third Turn of training Kayse was transferred to Western Weyr to learn from another forestry expert posted there, where she would be less familiar with the immediate surroundings and could take a fresh approach to the process. She arrived shortly after the start of Turn 2692, eager to continue her lessons.

Kayse was not so lucky as to have an uneventful first Turn at the Weyr. While the first few months were free of unusual incidents, the summer of Turn 2692 was full of odd occurrences. First there was an incident with a mysteriously appearing egg pot, which lead to Kayse becoming custodian of a firelizard. Then items went missing, pirates were reported, and a kidnapping and rescue took place. The apprentice had the misfortune to dislocate the thumb of her right hand while inadvertently catching one of the thieves-cum-kidnappers, though her pain was ultimately rewarded by the rescue of one very pregnant goldrider. Finally things calmed down and as fall arrived Kayse was able to get back to studying.

As her training kicked into high gear the apprentice spent little time at the Weyr. Instead, she was living for a few weeks at each of the Holds and logging camps scattered across the Western Continent, observing the differences in the makeup of the forests and the progression of ecological succession, then doing the same at various forested locations all across Pern. Every now and then she would spend a week or two at the Weyr, catching up on rest and getting her wardrobe updated to replace outgrown and threadbare articles.

Through the next two Turns Kayse learned a great deal about lumber management, but something else also came to her attention: the logging practices in place, while well managed for preservation of lumber production, were distinctly wasteful of other flora in the area. Plants that Kayse recognized as having medicinal properties were often plowed under when a stand of trees was cleared and re-planted, and others were razed during the construction of camps at new logging sites. Curious about the value of these plants, Kayse reached out to the Healer Hall and, with her craft's blessings, began cross-training in botany and herbology. Her interest lay not in the manufacture of medicines, but in the identification, harvesting, and preservation of those plants that natively appeared alongside the trees sought for timber.


Name Relation Location Position
Emeryse Mother Half Moon Bay Hold Seacraft Master
Karvyne Father Half Moon Bay Hold Seacraft Master
Unnamed Sister Half Moon Bay Hold Undecided
Unnamed Brother Half Moon Bay Hold Undecided


Gold Nala
Tawny is an apt description of the shade of gold which clothes this firelizard's form. Her eyes are rimmed with sandy gold, as is her blunt snout. This paler shade plunges from around her mouth to coat her chest, cascading across the length of her torso to terminate at the base of her tail. Lithe and well muscled, she presents the regal bearing genetics has made her right, the perfect predator in a world full of such creatures. Every movement is economic yet graceful, and her fine proportions lend themselves to effortless flight.
Nala's wheat-colored hide would blend into the dry grasses of a summer-burned steppe with ease. Alas, this limber lioness of a firelizard has no such place to call home. The banding on her legs indicates her owner is a resident of Western Weyr, far from any plains at all times of year.

Brown Cid
A buttery brown, cocoa-dusted and lightly freckled, covers the blunted features of this sturdy little brown's head. His snub, intelligent-looking snout and wide jaw have just a hint of gold to them, the upwards sweep of the latter feature tinted with the lightest of grey-blues to match the shade on his headknobs. While small, he's not lacking in either tone or muscle, as the varied shades that patch his hide clearly show: one foreleg is a dusty, blue-tinted beige, while the other deepens from near-grey to a leathery brown that matches the criss-cross, harness-like pattern that runs shoulder to shoulder, crossing his chest and lacing around his broad waist. Lines of light, almost-gold form patterns that could almost be symmetrical along his sides, matched by two flared patterns just above the dark-taloned toes of his hind feet.


Title OOC Date Cast
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