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Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
Occupation Beastcraft Apprentice
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel

Kebos has light skin that is free from any significant marks of damage, although his hands are calloused from hard work. While his build may be on the muscular side, it's only because of the effort he put into making it that way. He wouldn't have a large build if he didn't push himself and he will never be a walking mountain of muscle no matter how hard he tries. His eyes are greenish hazel and slightly narrowed. Dark brown hair isn't allowed to grow more than a few inches long before he cuts it. He has something of a square facial build with a prominent jawline. When it comes to clothing, he likes to dress as nice as is possible without being utterly impractical. when not dressed for work, he prefers to wear a stylish tunic and pants.


Kebos was one of several siblings born to a pair of harpers in Half Moon Bay Hold. He proved himself to be something of a free spirit when he became an apprentice beastcrafter when he came of age instead of following most of his family into the harpercraft. He wasn't that unique, considering that his sister Kelsana was a smith, but he got something of an ego boost out of it. Just not enough of an ego boost. Kebos was convinced that he was meant for bigger and better things from a young age. Much bitter and better than crafting could ever offer him. When he moved to Half Moon Bay Weyr, it was with the excuse that he wanted to learn from some of the Weyr's beastcrafters. His real reason? Dragons. He was there for the dragons.


Name Relation Location Position
Konna Mother Half Moon Bay Hold Harper
Suben Father Half Moon Bay Hold Harper
Kelsana Sister
Bosen Brother
Ulsie Sister




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