Gender: Female
Current Home: Western Weyr
Hair: Brown-black
Eyes: Pale blue
Birthplace: Western Weyr
Rank: Kitchen Aide



Like a late-blooming flower, it's only as she edges into her late teens that Keelyra is coming into her own. The previous, puppy-like qualities that haunted her as a teen — gangling limbs, too-large hands and feet — are steadily becoming something of a benefit. Her body is softening, womanly curves shaping out her form into something more appealing. Her height seems more suited to her now, long legs things of grace rather than awkward spills. Her hair has been allowed to grow out, falling to mid-back in slight waves. Bangs are still somewhat uneven, but longer so as to frame high cheekbones and set off that aquiline nose. Dark eyebrows give a serious dint to her demeanor, save for the bright points of pale, pale blue eyes. Lips don't seem to lend easily to a smile for the lack of dimples.

Early Teens:

All awkward and unshapely, Keelyra is obviously not one of those who bloomed into beauty early on. The potential is there, but she's still far too young and gangly for it to be a possibility yet. Only the barest hint of curves show upon her frame, which seems stretched out as she's clearly shot up in height before anything else had a chance to fill in. Hair so dark as to be nearly black frames a narrow face with high cheekbones and an aquiline nose. The dark mass is shorn roughly into un-even bangs and a bob that comes to points that rest against her cheeks. Dark eyebrows give a serious dint to her demeanor save for the bright points of pale, pale blue eyes. Lips don't seem to easily lend to a smile for the lack of dimples.


Born to a greenrider of little note at Western, Keelyra was told her father was a bronze rider who had been visiting from elsewhere during the flight. Being in a Weyr environment, this never phased the young girl much. Sure, it lent to fantasies that perhaps one of the great Weyrleaders was secretly her father, but it was simply that… a childhood game.

Like most born to the Weyr, Keelyra was always set to the tasks that were abundant when candidates were not flooding the weyr. She took well to kitchen work and the cooks loved having her there. A serious child, she did not get into as much trouble as the other brats and it has lent to an easier life with the caverns staff for her.

Keelyra tends to keep to herself, save for when a bronzerider visits from elsewhere; she never knows who might be the father that her mother has always hinted at and at the age she is, well, those fantasies stop being childhood games and the dreams of a young woman.

Dreams do come true, though in weird ways. A bronzerider by the name of V'yet transferred to Western fairly quietly, but it was then revealed that he is Keelyra's father and in a surprising turn of events, the man has taken well to his daughter who now has a room of her own within his weyr.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
V'yet Father Western Weyr Wingrider Bronze Zhesth
Jalyra Mother Western Weyr Wingrider Green Jazzuth
Draval Half-Brother Western Weyr Weyrbrat N/A


Spicy Exotic Green Dancer
Brilliant green sparkles like diamond dust over a spring grassy hue. It's like dew in the morning or the kiss of ice in winter. It's spicy, it's exotic, and it's perfect for this slender creature. She's feminine in every way. From curving eyeridges down the arc of her neck with its pearled jutting ridges down slender sexy back and to the long supple length of her tail. Dainty and delicate are her build, one for agility twisting her body in ways which seems almost criminal, at least to any watching male. Oh, the surprises in store for those who get to know her!

Genial Companion Bronze Pooh
Honeyed bronze is the color of this firelizard's skin, so yellowed as to be almost gold. A deeper shade of tarnished bronze rims his muzzle and stains his paws, looking almost as if he has allowed some food to settle in and stain those points. Honey transitions to reddened highlights across chest and flanks, especially thick around his shoulders and belly, while wings are picked out in spatters of the same tarnished shade that mars his face. Stocky and solid he stands firmly against all comers, determination clear in every inch of his bearing at all times.

Epinephelus Bruneus Brown Longtooth
Dark flowing striations dance over a sandy brown base color to give this young brown firelizard his sense of personal style. Two rounded muddy brown stripes radiate from just behind his left eye and four more rivers of the darker brown drip down his flanks and wrap under his belly. His wings are striking sunburts of copper, featuring the same darker brown for his wingspars but the sails themselves stand out in the iridescent contrast of burnished copper and are probably the first thing an observer might notice. Underneath all of his markings is a native strength that will serve him well indeed, as already he appears very sturdy, ready to challenge the air on its own terms.

Blue Beauregard


  • During her candidacy (Summer of '11), Keelyra coordinated with fellow candidate Idris to make stuffed dragons for everyone in the candidacy. You can read all of the descs here.

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