Kellen was born to a pair of dragonriders from Telgar Weyr. He is the youngest of two, his brother Keyn, being the eldest. At birth, no one knew that anything was wrong with him, but when he grew old enough he should be speaking, he never did. He was checked out by the healers and it was unclear why he was not able to speak. Still, his parents made the best of it, treating him just the same as they did his brother. His brother looked after him while their parents were away until he was old enough to take care of himself. Sometime in Kellen's sixteenth birthday his family packed up and moved from Telgar to Western, for his parent's new posting.


Name Relation Location Position
Lenee Mother Western Weyr Greenrider
K'eln Father lWestern Weyr Brownrider
Keyn Brother Western Weyr App. Healer





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