Standing at about five foot ten, this lad is not really all that much to look at, most of his frame built into the length of his height then anything else. Pale blond hair bedecks the top of his head, pulled back from his face in a short pony-tail to keep them out of steel grey eyes. Above those eyes are brows a similar color of pale blond, almost mistaken for white at a distance, but on closer inspection the touch of yellow can still be made out. His skin follows suit to his paleness, just a touch of a tan deepening his skin away from a pasty white, but still white none the less. Arms and legs are on the willowy side, gently accenting muscles along his biceps and calves, suggesting that he isn't just a stick, as may be viewed by his build.

A plain white pull-over shirt is what covers the top of Keyn's frame, light cotton designed to breath for those warmer days. Sleeves end at about his elbow, a bit loose to allow for maximum movement if it's required. A brown belt with silver buckle follows, seen just barely past the covering of his shirt, while below that is a pair of brown slacks that are a bit dusty, but not too much the worse for wear. Finishing the ensemble is some scuffed up boots, another testament to his occasional outings into the wild.


Keyn was born to a pair of dragonriders from Telgar Weyr. At first, he seemed a simple child, quiet and reserved, though in truth, he was just observing his surroundings. He was given a brother, Kellen, a few years after his own birth, and as soon as he could help, he did, looking after his brother when he could. During the years, he became interested in the arts, taking up painting, studying under his mother, Lenee,who had been harperhall trained before she had been chosen to become a rider at Telgar, where she met his father K'eln. Around Keyn's ninteenth birthday, his family packed up their belongings and moved from Telgar to Western, for his parent's new posting.


Name Relation Location Position
Lenee Mother Western Weyr Greenrider
K'eln Father Western Weyr Brownrider
Kellen Brother Western Weyr App. Healer


Blue Rathan




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