Brownrider Kh'zan


Wavy hair curls just around the nape of his skinny neck and then falls across his eyes in more soft curls, giving him quite the mischievous boy look. His nose is thin and angular, more a beak than a schnozz in all essence, although it does fit in with his long face. His eyes are sort of a murky green, much like a slow moving, mineral laden river. His lanky of form, that is just a little under six feet, is all knees and elbows with shoulder blades sticking out. Even his fingers are long and lean, though of anything they seem the most nimble and least gawky part of him. At odds with his coloring is the paleness of his skin, though it shows hints of being a little darker than fish-belly white, it's still the shade that is common to those who spend very little time out-of-doors.

He's dressed in a pair of loose-fitting pants in a shade reminiscent of warm sandy beaches, a pale cream that has a touch of tan to it. His shirt is a bright shade of white, though it's fairly well wrinkled. His boots are much like his skin, they hardly look like they've seen the light of day. The soles are barely worn, though there are some scuff marks along the toes.


Kharzan, youngest of the four children of Kharmen and Xandiego came into the world, healthy and fairly quiet. He was always a studious children, taking more interest in lessons than in any of the rough and tumble games common to children. Course, with Xhaine and Khaine being so much with each other, and their sister being a bit temperamental for him, he often found himself alone. Course, he really didn't seem to mind, because as his siblings were discovering the greater world, he was discovering technology. Generators and computers especially held a distinct interest for him and it wasn't long before he was investigating what equipment the FarmHall had.

Of course, his earliest explorations into the field tended to give him rather sore backside as he tended to mess with things without thinking it through. He was good at dismantling things, but not always so good at putting things back together again. As time went on, and his tinkering took him out into the hold in general, he was pinned down when he found a generator. Before he could even get a finger on it, he was snatched by the scruff of the neck and given a few words before he was then shown what he did, how it worked and how to fix it, and thus his training began. Most of it was informal as he followed Trest around like a puppy. But in time the training became more formal as he was worked into the TechCraft. Course, this was almost a shock to his system as his previous tinkering was refined again and again. Gone were the carefree days of just choosing something and messing with it. now he had strict guidelines to follow, with deviations resulting in suspension of privileges. Especially if an explosion, no matter how minor, resulted from the deviation.

Kharzn, to most appearances, is quiet and not one to speak much. In all actuality he's actually quite talkative, when he's got his nose out of the shop. He can even be quite social, it's just that his first love is gadgets and it has been said that the only way he'd notice a girl was if she was made out of bits and pieces he could take apart and put back together again.

He's quite devoted to his family, and though he may not always understand them, he certainly loves them.


Name Relation Location Position
Kharmen Mother
Xandiego Father
Diekhara Sister
Xhaine Brother Harper Hall Journeyman
Khaine Brother Harper Hall Journeyman


Brown Chewy
Black tips the nose of this firelizard, lightening to a dark auburn under his chin and down his chest. His body is a lighter russet hue, but from the top of his head between his eyeridges and down his neck and back, even his tail, the brown is back to nearly-black and seems to feather down into the reddish brown hues that make up the little lizard. The red dulls to a more earthen brown along the fronts of his legs and over his belly, and the long toes are tipped in black talons. The backs of his legs lighten considerably, nearly medium-brown-blonde, before they stop, and this same color can be found along the eyeridges and face, sweeping down around it and into the darker colors. The membranes of his wings are a lovely honey hue that starts out russet like his spars and body before lightening. Black are his neck-ridges, down to the tail, and that same dark hue lines the outsides of his wing appendages before it fades.

Brown Kaen
Strength and power is revealed in the carob chest and back. Long, well-proportioned wings are captured in a dark amber embrace. A last lone goodbye to summer is waved upon headknobs, talons and tail tip in dark burnet brown. This one is of an average size and yet is by no means average in strength and endurance. Broad chested and strong of wing, this one might have a higher than average chance at the coveted gold.

Blue Byte
This wispy looking hatchlings head is completely covered in midnight blue. The very tips of his headknobs are spared however, the lighter color of Egyptian blue claiming them instead. From the base of his neck his hide follows suit, Egyptian blue spilling down his neck, trunk and wings. A band of grayish blue circles his body just after where his ribcage ends, the color blurred and mixing in with red as it moves further down his body. From that point on orange red takes over, growing in intensity as it finally reaches his long and whip like tail. Starting at the base of the tail is a brilliant saffron growing in brilliance until it ends in a golden yellow.


Rusty Mottled Brown Quamirth
What catches one's eye is not the coloration of this brown, but instead his unusual if rather bulky build. He rides low to the ground, on limbs that seem to be a quarter to half the length of a normal dragon, the width of his limbs growing as if his legs were compacted, all four limbs hosting a set of sharp dark-red-wine talons. His long body is not sleek or slim, but it is not by any means pudgy either. Instead a solid mass lacking dainty definition tapers into a thick yet normal-length tail and proportional wings, though even those seem to be a bit more angular instead of delicately curved. His triangular head is also rather stout and compacted, leaving him with a very short but bulky muzzle. Color is more of an afterthought upon his hide, spilling across it in random splotches of color. Toasted caramel looks to be the very underlying color of it all, although no one would be able to tell since the splatters of color are so randomized it looks like a painter threw buckets of paint at a canvas and wrapped it around the dragon. Everything from a golden tawny brown, to rusty red and even something akin to dulled bronze splash across him haphazardly. The membrane of his wings holds far less rust, but instead looks like a mud bath, the browns splashing across in darker tones closer to his body, and fading to dried mud farther away.

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