Khayetan's a rather tall, muscular and weathered man of roughly 24 who must have spent most of his early life at sea and on docks and piers; his skin is very tanned, bronzed into warm browns from extended exposure to both sun and wind. His face could be considered pleasing if his nose were not so crooked, likely from a previous break. And yet, deep brown eyes, kohl-rimmed, combined with ink-black eyebrows and a beaded goatee contrive to give him a rather rogueish appearance. It's impossible to tell if his dark hair began as curls, waves or perfectly straight locks; grown to just past his shoulders, half of the matted tangle has been dreadlocked - the rest hangs at rather uneven lengths.

Plain and always at least a little wrinkled, his wardrobe must be a combination of odds and ends that have been cobbled together. Usually found in a loose-fitting, white linen shirt with vaguely billowy sleeves, he also seems to favor vests of neutral hues. His trousers, generally long-legged, never quite match with everything else he's wearing, but vary on a few days from beige or brown to the occasional black. His boots, however, seem to be a constant; black and well-fitted, the pair seems well maintained and a bit at odds with the rest of his somewhat scruffy look.


Khayetan used to captain a ship. At least, that's what he tells everyone; his supposed ship has yet to appear at Western's docks.

The son of a sailor and an Istan barmaid, Khayetan grew up a child of the sun and the sea. He claims that he learned to tie a proper seaman's knot around the same time that he also gained his sea legs and began to talk, but he also claims that he swam to Western across the sea with just a little help from the dolphins. While his bragging may hold the occasional grain of truth, it's at least somewhat evident that he's well-traveled. He accurately describes the places that he's been at Ista and Xanadu and certainly seems to know his way around a boat when he gets the opportunity to hop aboard one.

When he's not busy adamantly declaring that his boat will find her way back to him, he busies himself with work at the docks, takes on any odd jobs that need doing, makes sad attempts at wooing the fairer sex and drinks whatever he can get his hands on.


Name Relation Location Position
Kaylissa Mother Ista Weyr Barmaid
Herodotan Father Ista Weyr Sailor



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