Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Nabol region
Occupation Nanny
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Played By Kathryn Newton


Here is a mere slip of a girl, barely five feet and a couple inches, with slender limbs and a rounded face framed by an abundance of pale gold curls. She keeps her voluminous hair at shoulder-length, and experiments with braids and various other styles that suit her mood. Her eyes are luminous and green, fringed with pale lashes, and set around a short, freckled nose that turns boxy at the tip. Pouty lips are full of expression and emotion, often pulling back to reveal a toothy grin, if gapped between the front two teeth.

Her frame is yet gangly from lingering adolescence, slender of limb and slim through the hip. She prefers jewel tones, conservative cuts, and jaunty pieces to the standard utilitarian fare. Currently, she is attired in a pair of dark green ankle-length pants and a thin, sky blue blouse; brown accessories set off the ensemble.


The last issue of a journeyman healer and his wife, Kiele has always had the advantage of receiving an over-abundance of affection. They were originally from Keroon Hold, but her father’s posting in the Nabol region led them to a minor holding under the larger Hold’s purview. She has an older sister, now a crafter with the Harper Hall, and an older brother who teaches at Healer Hall; in their youth, they were a happy trio, who were obedient to their parents. As they grew, each branched off into some interest, though the youngest, Kiele, showed reluctance to grow in the confines of any craft. She daydreamed and played with the other children, never quite settling into an ambition for the future. Her parents were indulgent.

Then, when she was thirteen, her mother passed from sickness. Her siblings were already apprenticed to different crafts and as such, she become her father’s constant companion and sidekick. It’s been some turns since then and she’s still at his side, even following him to his posting reassignment on the Emerald Island.


Kiele has been in 12 logs.


Name Relation Location Position
Kedryn Father Half Moon Bay Weyr Jman Healer
Eislaire Mother Nabol region Deceased
Eislyn Sister Tillek Hold Jman Harper
Reisl Brother Healer Hall Jman Healer


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