Kimmila, Weyrling rider


Kimmila still retains much of the looks of her youth. Soft lines curve around hers face, her skin well tanned from much time spent out of doors. A gentle rose coloring touches her cheeks, which matches the shade of her petite lips. Her eyebrows are fine and thin, brown colors flecked with blonde. Her eyes are a bright jade green, eyelashes dark and curled and long. Her hair is a thick auburn, pulled hastily to the nape of her neck.
She is wearing soft but sturdy brown hide pants with brown boots. A violet tunic is clinched at her waist with a brown belt, which holds several pouches and a sheathed knife. The knot she wears is the simple colors of Western Weyr. She is also often seen at Fort Weyr.


Kimmila is the first child born of Elara, gold Wiyaneth's rider, and A'rtomus, bronze Nemmenth's rider. But don't think that makes her haughty. She was born at Fort Weyr, and raised there for most of her short life. However, once A'rtomus won the Weyrleadership at Ista, she spendt a lot of her time there too. When A'rtomus returned to Fort, Kim went with him and the family was reunited.
She has always been close friends with A'ven, and when he won the flight that made him Weyrleader, she followed him to Western Weyr, quite upset that he had not told her first that he was now a Weyrleader. She's settled into her new home quite well, even finding an Assistant Headwoman job.


Name Relation Location Position
Elara Mother Fort Weyr Retired Weyrwoman
A'rtomus Father Fort Weyr Bronzerider
Tlazio Half Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Artel Half Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat


Green Cora
Bright red ovids, glistening with a mirror glaze and sweet nectar, are trapped between criss-crossing braids of rich, flakey honey gold. The vivid cherry color stands out with shameless abandon, all but leaping free of the surface, though for all its light appearance those lattices keep the filling firmly in place.

Blue Chimera
This little blue is a strange fellow to look at, but at the same time has a quality to him that is remarkable. It begins in the fact that his face has a leonine quality to it — the slope of his muzzle, the set of his headknobs and the way his eyeridges are shaped, combined with a squared set of curlesque nostrils all contribute to this. His face itself is a skyblue shade, his neck and the ridges that march down his spine are a darker, royal shade like a mane, as are his claws. His flanks though are the same hue as his face and the colour thereafter remains pure, all the way down his serpentine tail and oddly, all across his draconian wings. His hind legs though seem to be slightly malformed. The pentadactyl digits are stubby and slightly malformed, possibly from some incident in the shell - They're fused two by two with one spare, making them resemble cloven hooves, though it hardly seems to inhibit his movements.

Brown Tim
This long and limber brown firelizard gives one the overall appearance of an earthy-colored comet. His head is dark, a deep moorland brown smeared with a powdering of dense charcoal that makes the brightness of his eyes an almost supernatural affair. The colors slowly change and brighten as they travel down the mahogany slope of his long neck and across shoulders swept with sienna. Cinnamon is the color of his middle, with lean ribs and a taunt belly, and finally brighten to a gleaming crystalline amber that shines with a near-white luminescence at the very tip of his tail. The panes of his wings are scattered with glittering points of stardust, and upon his chest in a thin sheet of mica, a star-shaped birthmark can be seen.


Blue Varmiroth

No doubt could linger of this dragon's purpose with one gaze at his luminous hide, a raging tsunami of the teeming life force within: uncontained, unrestrained, always eluding the power of understanding. For while his structure speaks of a masculine grace, with a boxy head and brawny limbs emitted from a lavishly athletic frame, softer is the hide that serves as their canvas: such is dappled like cornflower blue paint, heavier along his sinuous back and peaceful face, and lighter on the glow of his outstretched wings, with frail sails a soft periwinkle fading to flurries of snow within. But along the membranes lie trails of shadowed teal, growing like fragile plants from an overgrown plain beyond the edges of his wings, fading slowly until not-quite reaching the blue of the spars. Icy and cool, the powdery white frolics again amongst the curve his shoulders and haunches, enwrapping blue with spotted alabaster, and dancing down the strength of his legs to completely encase the pads of his stubby, feline-toed feet, along with the ivory of overly curved talons. But, in further contrast to the artwork of his physique, the shadowed hills of neckridges climb along his frame in china blue, dying at last amongst the pure white end of his long, powerful tail. And only to look upon him is to truly see: his eyes speak of curiosity, his demeanor of creativity, of adventure — for he is a free spirit, and no spirit can ever be made not to fly.

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