Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Telgar Hold
Occupation Wingrider / Glass Craft Journeyman
Hair White
Eyes Gray
Dragon An Experiment in Cute and Fluffy Kolath


Where so many might blend in to the busy backdrop of hold or weyr, there is something about Kira that makes her stand out, at least a little. Short, boyishly cropped hair hangs loosely around her face in thin, layered strands, the sun bleaching it nearly white. Her skin is equally pale with a few fading freckles dotting her cheeks. Her face has rounded, soft features, thin pink lips and a narrow nose. Looking out from beneath her thin eyebrows are a pair of stormy gray eyes, carrying with them a range of emotions. In the realm of both height and weight things are average, although she is a bit more toned in the shoulders and arms than some other women. There is a gentle roundness to her chest and a slight flare to her narrow hips. The passage of time has fallen well on her, and she looks quite a few years younger than her actual turns.

In stark contrast to most of her pale appearance, most of her clothing is dark toned. A black, high-necked shirt hangs loosely from her shoulders, made from a thin material. A pair of dark gray trousers are held up by thin suspenders and a wide belt holding a few pouches and straps for small tools. A pair of glass goggles, wrapped with tanned hide dangles from her neck, or is pushed up along her forehead if she's just finished working.


It just so happens that on a very busy day, at a most inopportune time, a baby girl was born in an alcove off the main glass crafthall in Telgar Hold. Most inconvenient as both her mother and father were crafters working on an important project for the Telgari Lord Holder. Luckily for them, they had understanding relatives near Ista Hold who volunteered to take the baby, at least until things calmed down and her parents had more time to raise her. However, as often happens, things never did calm down. One project after another came and went and there was always some excuse for why the couple couldn't take care of their daughter.

So, Kiralyn grew up in the care of her aunt and uncle, learning side by side with her two young cousins. Everyone in the family was involved in the glass or smithcrafts. At times, her uncle even boasted that their blood line went all the way back to the early smiths of Pern, and insisted that some distant relative had a part in re-establishing the glasscraft after it was lost for so many turns. Of course, there wasn't any way to prove any of these claims, as lineages of crafters weren't often kept anywhere but in memory. So, it was expected that Kira and her cousins would train in the crafts as well. Her eldest cousin went off to live at the smith crafthall in Telgar, and she and her youngest cousin trained under her uncle.

Kiralyn's uncle was a journeyman in the glasscraft, but unfortunately not a very good one. He'd stagnated early on, never progressing much out of his specialty. So, when her cousin wanted to work more with optics he was sent off to Telgar as well. Being the youngest, and as a girl, her uncle really hadn't expected much out of her. At one time, he thought only to marry her off to one of the young journeyman, but the bright eyed girl proved to pick up on things far faster than the crafter's own sons. So, when she came of age, he had little choice but to hand her over to the hall as well. Fortunately, Kiralyn didn't go too far from home and the only family she'd ever known. The hall assigned her to a master working at Ista Weyr. Teryn, a long time resident of the Weyr, worked with both metal and glass and rarely took an apprentice. Kiralyn's experience in both crafts seemed to make her a good fit. Under the sometimes enigmatic crafter, Kiralyn has started to refine her work with standard glass and discover new compounds and mixtures for her colored glassware. Normally, the change over from cothold to Weyr life might have been daunting, but she took to it easily enough.

Less than a turn later, a clutch lay on Ista's sands, and while Kiralyn was content to simply look at the colors of the eggs and marvel at them from a distance with the rest of the Weyr's staff, the dragons had other ideas in mind. She was searched, and a short time later stood on the sands to impress a blue dragon named Kolath. Once her training had completed, Kiralyn, now called Kira, joined one of the crafter wings, continuing her training while her dragon itched for more action. He got it during a storm which swept through Ista, calling out all hands for aid. There were many injuries that day, with Kolath included in the number. After that, Kira became more of a go-between for the craft halls and the Weyr as her dragon recovered. She spent many turns at her job, and did it well. Recently, though, Kolath once more had that itch for something new and different. This seemed to coincide with a need for Glasscrafters at Half Moon Bay Weyr. With an agreement made, the blue-pair have only just begun settling in and trying to figure out where they belong in this new Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Ralyn (NPC) Mother Telgar Hall Journeyman Glasscrafter
Kiboyo (NPC) Father Telgar Hall Master Glasscrafter
Sanidan (NPC) Uncle Ista Hold Retired Glasscrafter
Salino (NPC) Cousin Telgar Hall Journeyman Smithcrafter
Salamar (NPC) Cousin Ista Hold Journeyman Glasscrafter


Nova.png The Purity of Innocence Gold Nova
Description: Everything about this dainty little creature could be described as delicate, even fragile. Lacey patterns in sun-kissed hues dance across her back and shoulders, down the elegant curve of her neck ridges until tapering off towards her snout and tailforks. Beautifully formed headknobs are bespeckled with a touch of petal-soft peach, found also in subtle hints like the glittering of a million diamonds without the actual act of sparkling. When she moves, there is a particular grace to her gait whether on the ground or in the air, her mannerisms highly feminine and ladylike at all times. It's when she spreads her tiny wings that some may hold their breath, her golden spurs yielding sails of snowy white. The veins contained within, the purest of silver, pulsing with life with every beat of her heart.

Leo.png A Roar on Mighty Wings Bronze Leo
Description: A distinctly feathered molting of rich coppers and browns governs the majority of this firelizard's body. The only clue as to his true nature revealed in the blatant metallic sheen to his hide. Legs are long and lean, while his body is thick with muscle, giving him an awkward sort of look. The tip of his muzzle as well as his talons have a golden hue, found again upon his translucent wingsails. His neck is short, his tail long with a delicate looking fork at its end.

Lynx.png Hunter of the Evening Forest Brown Lynx
Description: A shade of dusky brown sweeps over this fire-lizards form, wrapping him in various shadows like fallen leaves. Splotches of darker color dot along his ridges, flicked in random patterns of varying sizes. A faintly lighter tone like sand clings to the end of his drawn out muzzle and down onto the tips of each of his broad paws. Across his oversized wings, a shade of mottled gray seems almost translucent, growing darker near each wingspar and edging into shadowy umber. A shade of darker brown like molten chocolate touches the tip of his long tail and marks haphazardly against his neck and shoulders. Gleaming, opalescent eyes watch the world warily, like a hunter looking for prey.

Chimera.png Double Up Blue Chimera
Description: Its not strange to look into a mirror and see a reflection of yourself, but this purely azure creature is a in himself a reflection. One side of him is exactly mirrored on the opposite side. Otherwise, hes as normal in shape as any commonly found firelizard to be found all over Pern. With nondescript headkobs, an average set of wings with little color discrepancy other than a few flecks of silver and periwinkle to be found in the creases where joints and folds of his limbs meet his body. Wingsails a bland sort of uniform navy, found on hundreds of others. Talons as black as pitch. Yet there is something darker and less savory about the left than the right. Its just a feeling one gets when looking at him. Or maybe it's because his eyes never match in whirling pattern or hue. When one is green, the other is blue, as if he cant make up his mind.

Glare.png Born Proddy Green Glare
Description: Bright doesn't even begin to describe this green firelizard - radiant may be more fitting. It seems perhaps unbelievable that a living creature could even get any brighter, making it near impossible to tell whether this one is proddy or not, in the absence of an actual flight. The eye-searing hue covers her snout to tailtip, with almost no variation to speak of, save the deepening where shadows might conceivably lie, and lightened swathes across stretched membranes. Physically, she is slender to the extreme. Hide clings close to bone, muscles visibly contracting and relaxing with every move she makes. Her wings are large, and almost completely sail, stretched so thinly as to be almost transparent. And yet in this delicate frame is a boundless source of energy, hardly still for a moment even when at rest.


An Experiment in Cute and Fluffy Blue Kolath

From the top to bottom, this dragon is in every sense of the word, adorable. What may very well be responsible for this, is his overly large eyes. They give him a sweet and innocent appearance, especially when he tips his head to the side and blinks a few times. In body, he is elegantly shaped, with hide colored nearly entirely a brilliant shade of cerulean. Two darker patches in prussian draw the eye, to the ridges along his spine. One splot dabbed at the back of his head, and the second a touch more pronounced further down - starting just below where his neck connects, down to the beginning of his long serpentine tail. The edges having a fairly organic yet steady wave of dips and crests. A chilly introduction of powder blue encircles his ocular orbits to his eyeridges, as well as dominates his underbelly starting just beneath the lower half of his jaw, flowing along the underside of his neck if only to taper off between his hind legs. A dusting of prussian is also present at the tip of his snout, and the tops of his headknobs - which are found to be slightly curved back like the antlers of a young buck, though unlikely to sprout any boney protuberances. A tapered jaw and neck sweep down towards his slender shoulders and chest, flawlessly extending downwards into strong yet decidedly lithe limbs, and then upwards into a pair of breathtaking spurs. His most striking feature by far is the silver shimmer of the veins that course through his cornflower-blue wingsails, possessed of an impressive opalescent sheen. Every single line of this dragon is sleek and streamlined, built for speed and precision rather than brute strength. Yet there is something about the way muscle moves beneath his hide that may betray that his compact design could just be a ruse. At the tip of each toe is a shiny black talon, thick and long - an excellent reminder that despite his cuteness, he's still a predator through and through.


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