Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Black Moon Bay
Occupation Trader
Hair Mahogany
Eyes Hazel

Mahogany hair with streaks of sienna, bleached from the sun crop up in a rowdy length of short curls from the head of a lean, tanned, muscular male. Hazel eyes look out from a young, masculine face. Coal surrounds the hazel orbs, deepening the look of distaste he almost always seems to bear. His lips are full, perfect for kissing, or for scowling. Nose is long and straight. No beard grows on this young man's face, for now, however, he lacks any amount of extra body hair. Smooth as glass he is, for the most part. Limbs are long and well muscled, honed from rigorous training . He is very lean, something that fits his five foot eleven height gracefully. On the day to day, Kohl can be seen in a white shirt and sturdy brown colored pants tucked into even sturdier black boots. Corded, woven bracelets of differing colors can always be seen at his wrists.


Kohl is a rowdy teenager from Black Moon Bay, a child of the sandy island, trader caravans and a lover of the sea. He grew up the progeny of an aspiring SeaCrafter and a pretty Islander Trader. He's the middle child of six and the family favorite. However, with the coming of adulthood comes the need and sense for adventure. Needing and wanting to expand his horizons and see more of the world than his sandy island home, Kohl set out to see the world and to seek the adventure it offers in full. He's cousin's with a familiar face around here, and plans on seeking her out and being the ever annoying, but lovable cousin he is.


Name Relation Location Position
Tanit Cousin Half Moon Weyr DolphinCraft Apprentice
T'san Older Brother Half Moon Weyr Rider of Green Sarendaeth



Title OOC Date Cast
Crash. Burn. Rum August 17, 2017 Tanit, Kohl, Sephany
Booze and... stuff happens. August 19, 2017 Tanit, Kohl, Sephany, Risali
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