Greenrider Kyldar
Gender Female
Place of Birth Harper Hall
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Current Location Western Weyr
Occupation Harper and Wingrider
Dragon Green Sinsapelth


Kyldar is tall and thin, and wiry, the kind of athletic build suited to quick, nimble movements.. Amber eyes gaze out gently from under slender eyebrows on her face with roguishly well-defined features. Black hair flows gracefully from her head and falls lightly around her shoulders in graceful waves.
Today she wears a light blue-green blouse, a loose-fitting full length skirt in green and gray plaid patterns, simple but sturdy shoes, and a wide-brimmed felt hat.


Kyldar was born into Harpercraft to Weyrsinger (now Craftmaster) Moyrel and K'urk, then of Western Weyr. She was tutored early in life her father's craft of Starcraft as well as her mother's Harpercraft, and quickly took an interest in both, but eventually gravitated to the latter, taking up her apprenticeship in the Hall, and was promoted to Journeyman rank. After some time, while doing relief work after a series of disasters that struck Ista Island, she got taken to Western Weyr on Search, and went on to Impress green Sinasapelth. She now serves in the Archipelago wing of Western, and enjoys very much the challenge of working in a search and rescue wing.


Name Relation Location Position
T'burk Grandfather Western Weyr Healer, Harper and Rider of green Vinteth
Moyrel Mother Harper Hall/Ista Weyr Harper Craftmaster
K'urk Father Landing Starcrafter and Rider of blue Daoth
Kadan Cousin Eastern Weyr Journeyman Harper
V'ine Mate Western Weyr Rider of brown Rauxith
Moylaine Son Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Kylaine Daughter Western Weyr Weyrbrat


Bronze Canyon, Green Jungle, Blues Ocean and River


The Glorious Green Sinasapelth
Glorious fits as vibrant grass green is the starting color on this brightly colored and very large girl. It starts between head knobs and runs down her over long spine of rippling ridges till it ends upon her tail spade. There it reaches down over broad shoulders, barrel and hips in spikes that bleed into a bright lime. Bright lime fades into lemon grass and progressively lighter to her underside where her belly is bright enough that it is almost yellow. Her wings are much the same, the grass green spreading over her overlarge spars and fading out into the bright lemon grass of her sails. Her limbs are predominantly the same lemony green of her sails at the feet, darkening as they go up till they meet with the darker pattern. Apart from her neck looking over long, which heightens the effect of her size, she's well proportioned and rather lovely to look at.

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