Gender: Male
Current Home: Western Weyr
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Green
Birthplace: Riverside Cothold
Rank: AWLM
Dragon: Maraeth


A mop of canary blonde hair clings in a disheveled mess on top of Kyrerin's head. It's long by perhaps a masculine standard, falling half way down his freckled neck. It fans out across his forehead, dipping into the mint green eyes that almost always have a crinkle to their corners. Those same dark freckles creep up his neck and across his cheeks but for some reason seem to ignore his medium-sized nose and forehead. A smile almost always seems as if it's glued to his face, pulled over teeth that are not entirely white in hue and a few tilt and slant as they try to find their permanent spot. Overall he's lanky, his height seeming to have run away with itself, sending his still youthful body up to six feet. His feet and hands are also large causing much ungainliness (or bad luck as he would call it) and both are heavily callused due to hard work.

K'yr is wearing a loose fitting, navy vest with a tighter white undershirt of sorts beneath it so the lack of definition to his arms is hard to miss. A dark brown pair of pants slip from his waste and tuck into tightly laced black work boots—that are quite worn. Two pair of two-inch hide cuffs can be found at his wrists, tied into tight knots that would probably be a pain to remove.
Upon his shoulder twists a knot denoting him as a greenrider at Western Weyr.


One would think that Kyrerin's story started off with him, but they'd be wrong. It started off with his father, Xyken, who was known, if for anything, for his bad luck. He had spent his entire life in Riverside Cothold and could not for the life of him find a woman who would ignore the fact that everything he touched, broke. Not long after his twentieth turn day, he decided to take matters into his own hands and find himself a suitable wife. But as luck would have it, the day he left, a big storm hit and he found himself stranded. Several hours passed before Kiree showed up, a young, beautiful greenrider from Western who whisked him off to the weyr like a knight in shining armor. As his luck would have it, Kiree was proddy and when her dragon rose that night, Xyken found himself at her disposal. Perhaps one wouldn't have seen this as bad luck, but she could not marry and spend her life toiling away on the cothold. She was a dragonrider and they had their duties! Doomed from the start, Xyken returned home shortly after, broken hearted to live out his life all alone. That was until Kiree showed up with a young Kyrerin tucked in her arms.

While both agreed that neither one could leave their home, they worked it out so that the young boy was not lacking in neither motherly nor fatherly attentions. He grew up in both places, Riverside Cothold and Western Weyr, learning from both of his parents to become a happy, playful teen. One who was without a care in the world until on his 13th turn day was gifted with his father's bad luck, or… perhaps it was just the fact that he sprouted up a foot and was now gangly and awkward. Either way, during Kyrerin's fifteenth turn, one of the largest storms swept across the Western area, and he managed to almost break his fifth bone in just the past two turns. It was then that Xyken decided that when his mother came to help rescue their small home, that it would perhaps be a good, and much safer idea for his son to take up a more permanent residence at the weyr.

It wasn't long before Western was graced with a new clutch of eggs by Miraneith, their newest senior. And not long before Kyrerin found himself a candidate. He mostly enjoyed the experience and when the hatching day came, it was then that his little lady, green Maraeth, made him her K'yr. The boy had a bit of a rough time settling into life as a rider but as the months turned into turns, he finally has decided that Western is a good fit for him and that maybe his bad luck has finally changed. Although Maraeth is constantly making sure life doesn't get too easy..


Name Relation Location Position
Kiree Mother Western Weyr Greenrider
Xyken Father Riverside Cothold Resident


For a firelizard, he's awfully low-slung. He slithers rather than walks, with his neck and tail both being on the longer side when compared to the rest of him. His build is a spare one, sinuous and serpentine, with a tendency toward being on the leaner side no matter how much he eats. His muzzle is flat and short, his eyeridges set, just so, to give him a perpetual scowl. On his back, dark diamonds of brown are made manifest, outlined in a startlingly pale hue of tan. The scaly-seeming, diamond pattern repeats over the rest of him, wings included, with his underside being cream. Only the tip of his tail breaks the mold — there, bands of pale brown and dark create an odd, banded pattern.

Sleek and sinuous, this blue may not be bronze, but he certainly carries himself like one. His hide is a two-toned blue, his underbelly being lighter than the rest of him. In fact, his muzzle, underbelly, and feet are all that lighter, lavender shade. The rest of his body is a vivid shade of sapphire. His wings are the same shade as the rest of him, top and bottom. Though the sails have the faintest hint of stripes, barely noticeable in the sea of sapphire blue. His back feet almost seem too large for his body. It's not hard to imagine that the little one has fallen many, many times while learning to walk. But at least one can see that he won't have any trouble sitting up. He also has the disturbing tendency to appear to smile broadly and vacantly….

Descriptionless at the moment.


Queen of the Bayou Green Maraeth
Slender, lithe and possessed of an elegant sinuousness, the smooth hue of absinthe-green coats her from nose to tail tip, abruptly divided from the herb-toned curve of her paler underbelly. The play of shadows and highlights across her hide adds depth and roundness to her while across her back, glistening bronze-green gleams with a metallic shimmer — rounded ovals in irregular shapes that meander While gracefulness easily lies in the lean, coiled movement of her slim shoulders and haunches, the awkward gawkiness of spindled limbs seems less of a distraction than her wide-cheeked blunt muzzled head. Genetic inheritance seems to left her with a short head, slightly upturned muzzle, and a slightly protrudent eyes. Her wings, rather wide and broad of sail are a mottled mosaic of shamrock chartreuse — most densely patterned along the leading edge before fading off along the trailing edge at the end of her 'sails.

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