L'kan and Bronze Elenth


L'kan (Lukhanyo)
Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey
Dragon Elenth

To sum Lukhanyo up in one word would be simple - Big. A combination of genetics and hard work mean that though he stands well over six feet in height the kind would call him stocky, the unkind tending perhaps towards being as wide as he is tall. Golden brown hair has been cut quite short recently, the faintest signs of razon burn still gracing the back of his neck. Thin eyebrows overshadow deep-set eyes of an indeterminate greyish hue, while a bulbous nose gives his face a unique silhouette.

He is wearing a short-sleeved shirt of unbleached white cotton, open at the neck where it is missing a button. Close-fitting trousers of black cotton, and belt and boots of matching black wherhide round out his clothing. From the belt hangs a much used knife on one side and a small mallet and chisel on the other.

On his shoulder is the white knot of a candidate at Half Moon Weyr.


Lukhanyo is the only child born of Blueriders Taira and D'ana, and in many ways that has proven to be a good thing. Not that he wasn't loved by his parents - but Taira decided that one pregnancy was more than enough, and things were always tense amongst the extend family since his parents relationship was, essentially, extra-marital (extra-weyrmatal, if you will) and the women did NOT get on.

It came as little surprise to anyone that once he was nine he was 'fostered' off to his maternal grandfather at the woodcraft hall, and just prior to Varien's passing he decided to stay and apprentice.

Luckily for the Woodcraft he did not inherit his mother's love of all things pranky, he did however inherit her temper and oftentimes could be found in the scrap wood pile furiously hacking away with an axe until he could calm himself.

Many expected that upon reaching Senior Apprentice he would specialise in forestry, but it was to construction that his talents led and it is that he is currently studying under the watchful eyes of the Masters at the Hall - maybe his mother hasn't quite been forgotten just yet.


Name Relation Location Position
Varien Grandfather Deceased Woodcraft Apprenticemaster
Taira Mother Half Moon Weyr Bluerider (NPC)
D'ana Father Half Moon Weyr Bluerider (NPC)
Anara Half-sister
Illinan Half-brother
Daria Half-sister
Rianan Half-brother
Nikosi Son Unknown


Dieffenbachia Green Portia
Almost as large as any green can be, she is no dainty lady. Neither is she roly-poly, but she certainly is broad of stature and carries a healthy dose of curvature to her hips and hind legs. Rich emerald greens cover most of her hide from the curve of her sharp talons and up along her lean muscled limbs and sides. It's from above that her coloration takes on a striking look. Pastel green and jade, livid and bright against the starker green of her body, streak up from the narrowed tip of her muzzle and right over and down her back — even going as far to the tip of her tail. In almost equal spacing the paler coloring branches out in ragged pointed lines, the largest being found on her broad wings when she spreads them wide and to their fullest.


A Light in the Dark Bronze Elenth
Shrouded in shadows, the bronze hide on this dragon has a faint subtle pattern nearly hidden underneath the dark color. He has a sharply pointed muzzle that widens slowly before it is anchored on a sturdy, somewhat blocky neck and shoulders. Verdigris tarnishing shows up on points on his body, marking the surface of bones where they rest under the skin and it outlines the sharp edges along his 'ridges and delineates the fine bones in his arms. His hide remains dark as it slides smoothly down his body, deeper in hue along his belly then then finely lightening in color as it moves along his haunches and the sturdy length of his tail. His talons are finished in that same verdigris hue, grey green against the dark bronze and curved into sharp half circles. But brightest and most lavishly colored are his wings, the thin membrane seeming lit from within with dancing sparks that spread in phosphorescent fire and flicker brighter as it moves from his leading edges to the trailing as a living sheet of flame.


Title OOC Date Cast
Sloppy Seconds June 6, 2017 J'en, L'kan
Afterbath July 18, 2017 Inri, L'kan
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