Brown spikes out of this young man's head, hair cropped just short enough that it occasionally sticks up, though an obvious cowlick near his left temple creates that almost constant effect. Thickish brows sit above a set of clear blue eyes, somewhat large in proportion. This nose is angular, though with a down-turned, roundish tip. While his lips are fairly pinkish, it's likely that they stand out a bit due to the paler color of his skin. Broadening shoulders branch outward, forming a small slope that descends to his arms. Fingers continue in that extending line, being somewhat long and thin digits. He isn't large through the torso, still having a ways to grow. Skinny almost, and shaped like a rather bendable tree. His legs are longish as well, though his feet seem moderately proportioned to them.

Dingy white covers his chest, the tunic little more than a tank top. An outer tunic has been put on over it, however, light blue and standing out from the contrast of color. Only partially tucked in, the white tunic is left to hang a bit out at one side, despite the belt wrapping around his waist. Brown pants are worn, the material a bit rough and durable. They're cuffed at the bottom though, a bit too long for him, settled just a bit baggily over the boots that stick out the bottom.


Born into Sykan Hold in the Western region, Lyrifah grew up in the island life. His father had come to the area with the discovery of a mine, but even when it was closed down again he stayed on. Having started a family, the life available in the small hold wasn't something he wished to give up. Lyrifah grew, making quite a bit of mischief with other boys of the hold. The colors and excitement of the many gathers held at Sykan always drew him in, and there would be plenty of times that the very young boy would be found with an adult on the dance floor as if he belonged there all along.
Despite his love for the island, and the excitement he found in the gathers there, Lyrifah eventually left for Telgar to join the smithcraft. His father's own passion for the mines, and the jewels that had, for a short time, come from them, he had developed a curiosity for jewelry, and making things that joined the two together. Once he had learned a bit, he was sent to learn instead back in the Western area he had come from, settling quite happily into the Weyr not too far away from his own island home.


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Treasures of the Calico Mine Green Dumarath
While the rich deep gleam of emerald-green decorates her flawless hide in even hue, the sharp angles and planes of her frame add polish to the facet of her being. No soft subtle curves here, not she — even her muzzle has an angled quality to it, trimmed and ridged as it slopes upwards to an angular head. Her cheeks, not curved in feminine softness are rather squared, while the neck ridges that trail down the long chiseled line of her neck are pointy and sharp-looking. Glittery deposits of malachite dust the rough edges of her cheeks, trailing up along towards her eyes, while tendrils of jade and aquamarine can be glimpsed gleaming along her shoulders and again on her flanks. Alluring veins of gold tempt and glimmer; interspersed in various locations across her body — such as the crested ridge of her neckridges or the steep angle of her tail. Her wings — narrow and as angled as the rest of her are polished to a gleaming emerald, scare as dark as the rest of her.

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