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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth southern cothold
Occupation Woodcrafter Apprentice
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Straight brown hair is braided neatly, pulling the hair back except for a few stray wisps from her face. It drapes down the length of her back. Her face is rather ovalish with soft brown eyes and short black eyelashes. Light brown eyebrows, an average nose slightly flattened and normal pale pink lips give her just a rather average look. She seems dressed comfortably for her work. A green short sleeved shirt tucks into long brown shorts. A leather belt has a small metal buckle. Well worn ankle boots keep her feet protected in most any terrain.


Lexava was born to Nalava and Alexandre in the early hours of late fall in a small southern cothold. Her father is a farmer, who loves the land almost as much as his family. Her mother handled everything else… Lexava and her six siblings, the household, the small herb garden, cooking, cleaning and so on. At an early age she was put to work helping on the farm, and with the house and her siblings. It was a matter of practicality but it helped shape her into a self reliant personality. She got along well with her family and the neighboring families in the cothold but as she grew older as much as she liked her simple life, she yearned for something more. Her parents supported her choice to apply to the woodcraft, pretty much on the opposite side of Pern when she was old enough. They bartered a ride to the Hall with one of the independant riders in the area and there she was.
Life in the Hall was a bit of an adjustment. There were many more people than she was used to, and technology she'd not before seen, but she acclimated and picked up the craft skills quickly enough. Nimble hands found practical use in managing decent carvings and constructing passable furniture. Where she seemed to most excel was in the surrounding forests. Identifying tree species, knowing which to harvest for lumber and which to leave be all came easiest for her. A number of turns passed and she was promoted to Senior Apprentice. She is currently on assignment travelling with a Journeymen, rider L'san and his blue Cedevith, conducting an update on a the Hall's forest surveys for several areas on Pern.


Name Relation Location Position
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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Brown Xylem
A touch on the smaller side as browns go, this firelizard more than makes up for it in girth. He's a pudgy beast, all buttery brown from the tip of his rounded muzzle to the ends of his forked tail. The topmost part of him is faintly kissed in golden brown hues, with the glossy, golden-ish goodness trickling down his neck and sides. The rest of him is a warm, bready-brown that appears flecked in places with multi-grain wholesomeness. His wings are paler, though; a finely mottled tawny that calls to mind the insides of a freshly baked loaf of bread.

Sinuous Siren Green Silvi

A serpentine green of a firelizard is this, with a tail that's entirely too long for her body. Her hide starts as a delicate, jade green at the tip of her fine nose, but the color gradually deepens until it reaches a fathomless hue of deepest green at the tips of her tail. The hue breaks at her neckridges; they're all a uniform shade of seafoam green, as if coated in froth. Scaled patterns of a lighter green start at her haunches and continue down the length of her nigh-improbable tail, lending a strange, fishlike appearance to the appendage. Her claws are sea-glass green, a perfect match to her clear, green wingsails.



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