Liena is a teenage girl, perhaps sixteen or seventeen turns of age. She's just a little on the short side, an inch or two short of five and a half feet in height. She's of average weight and build, neither overly skinny nor too much on the heavy side. She has a heart-shaped face with bright green eyes, and straight strawberry blonde hair which flows just past her shoulders. While obviously young, the girl's curves are enough to show that she has finished growing, having at least physically matured into womanhood. Her skin is a little on the pale side, perhaps suggesting that she doesn't spend much time outdoors.

Liena tends to dress very much on the simple side. Her clothes are usually just a simple tunic and shorts with a pair of cheaply made sandals, or shoes on colder days. She tends to favor duller colors, mainly grays and browns that hide dirt well. When working, her hair is usually kept tied back in a simple ponytail to keep it out of the way.


Liena is the product of a mating flight at Western Weyr, the unplanned result of the union between a greenrider and bluerider one warm summer day. As with most such children, she ended up raised principally by the weyr nannies, although her parents did what they could to remain involved in her life. Although she grew up to be a cheery, relatively intelligent, and sociable girl, she also developed a bit of a lazy streak which kept her from being apprenticed into any of the crafts. Today, she makes her living as a servant, picking up odd unskilled jobs wherever she can to make what she needs to get by, although she prefers to relax as much as she can get away with.


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