Greenrider Lilini


The first thing you notice about this lady are her hazel eyes, surrounding the pupils, spread out like a splash of paint. These are set in a rather average distance from each other, with a tall nose in between. Circling the hazel is a light tint of green. High cheekbones clearly define her countenance as looking more mature than her age predicts. Hair is a dark brown color, flowing down in gentle waves to her middle-back. The tip of her head reaches a height of barely 5'7". She's a rather fit woman, but on the thin side. Her stomach is toned, and her waist curves in nicely and then rounding again at the hips. Her legs are thin and strong. Her skin is a light almond color.

Seen walking around, this woman usually has on a long tunic, paired with a skirt of some sort. A leather belt ties around the hipline of the tunic, where it covers the upper part of the skirt and holding both securely in place. Most often that not, she wears a pair of small-heeled boots. Her appearance overall is rather gentle and her expressions are usually soft.. Lilini is 24 Turns, 6 months, and 15 days old, though looking as though she was just a tad older.


Lilini was born at Western Weyr along with her sister Niliphir, where her father, N'lir and her mother, Myaia resided. She grew up in the care of her mother alongside her sister. Lilini had always been an obedient child, never causing her parents any trouble with her quiet, but strong nature. She often helped her mother when needed, but she also played alongside the other children when she was younger. For the majority of her life, it was uneventful. Sure, she got lost every now and then and people had to search for her but it was never on purpose. It was often the fault of the more rowdy children that picked on her because she was such a quiet one at times.

It was around her 15th turn that she had a cousin from her father's side come to WEW under the watchful eye and care of her own mother. Said cousin, Phyara, was only a few Turns younger than Lilini and so they got along fairly well. And thus, Phyara's been living with her small family for the past two Turns.

Lilini has found herself helping around in the kitchens, where her quiet nature isn't a hindrance. She enjoys helping with the cooks, also finding it an good opportunity to learn how to cook, herself. When she's not helping around, however, she can often be found at various scenic sights just daydreaming. But, living in a weyr, that's not often.

After having lived in Western Weyr for all of her life, Lilini was Searched for the first time, much to her and her parents' surprise. The shy girl had to adapt to the living with the rest of the Candidates for a short while, much to her dismay. Of course, she never really spoke, even after the amount of time that she spent with them. She spent most of her Candidacy in silence, not talking to many people. Eventually, the day of the Hatching came and she stood with the others, not raising her hopes up to Impress. Much to her surprise, a voice among those hatchlings floats through her mind and Phiaroth entered her life.

Now a weyrling, Lilini was still pretty much the same as she was before. Though Phiaroth did try her best to push the girl to talk and socialize more with the rest of her classmates. She did try her best in all the lessons, however, and she started talking more, if only a little. Towards the end of her weyrlinghood, Phiaroth rose to the skies for her first mating flight, scaring poor Lilini out of her wits. Not only that, the person to catch the green was a brown from another Weyr, which only made things a bit more awkward for the poor greenrider the next morning.

Graduation day soon came and Phiaroth and Lilini were official riders and the green a full-grown dragon. Lilini was accepted into a wing and she began her duties as though she did them everyday. After a few sevendays, however, Lilini was suddenly transferred over to Eastern Weyr upon B'rm — her former assistant weyrlingmaster. And so she packed up her things and left her birthplace and across the planet to a completely place that she would soon call home. Now she puts her efforts in trying to fit in with this new surrounding, hopefully becoming less introverted.


Name Relation Location Position
Myaia Mother Western Weyr
N'lir Father Western Weyr
Niliphira Sister Western Weyr
Roclin Son Western Weyr


Bronze Kurono
A mix of warm greens pool within his eyes, reflecting good humor and good times. His eyes seem slightly large to the curving jawline of his tapered muzzle. The lines of his body are smooth, angles no where to be found, nothing but curves and some more so than others. He is rather heavyset of build, thick neck and strong muscles with a bit of a paunch around his belly. Perhaps he has imbibed of life too much and so it shows in that not quite subtle way. His tail is thick and long, a strong sturdy rope which wraps about his perch and holds on tight. Of hue he is a bronze, one on the redder side of the spectrum. The metallic sheen glints unmistakably in broad swaths across his belly and along his neck while more tomato red-bronze blurs the lines between and offers a visual feast in the large swath of his sails where juices dribble freely.

Green Emeru
Pale green, like new growth in spring, sprouts anew upon this green's body, not yet darkened by the sun's rays. The palest portions are along the insides of each limb, closest to the dark brown soil-hued talons, while the darkest hues reside upon the ridges that run along her back. Each wing is like a large leaf, spreading with darker spars crossing the sails like veins, while her muzzle has the same rounded shape as a bud about to burst, the very tip of it dipped in forest green.



Lost in the Deluge Green Phiaroth
A seeming rush of cloudy water, darkened by earth and travel stains the hide of this green dragon. From that first brush, against her narrow muzzle and then back to her headknobs, it darkens her pale green hide with tinges of dusty browns, mudding her color slightly as it slides down her lithe neck. That same deepened green travels along from her slender shoulders to pool in little eddies along her slim flanks and lightly muscled forearms and haunches. Flashes of brighter hues pick up along her neckridges to where those trail down her body to along the steady streamlined length of her tail, leaving it water splashed and decorated with droplets. Nearer to pure green are her wings, with their lavish spread of pooled water that trails along her wingsails, from her leading edges to her ailerons. Bare ripples seem to flow, lapping at sturdy darker wingspars before falling off into a flooded deluge of water at the edge.

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