Portrayed By Nicoleta Macarencu
Gender Female
Aliases Lis, Libs
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
Current Location Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Jman Farmcraft & Trader


A halo of honeyed locks cascade from this young woman's crown. Side parted layers fall just past shoulder length and frame a heart shaped face. Skin tone is that of peach and fawn, while trending towards a more toffee shade from sunshine in the summer months. Her features are delicate and beguiling, characteristics that have proven quite useful in the Tradercraft. Brows have symmetrically peaked arches, delicately angling over wide-set eyes. Lids are dusted with a pleasing lilac shadow most of the time, and the two deep-set almonds in her orbits are fringed by long, dark lashes, with whiter than white sclerae, and irises that fluctuate from frigid blues to icy jades. Bridge of nose slopes gracefully with petite flares and a less than bulbous tip, fitting her face perfectly in both size and shape. Cheekbones are not extremely pronounced per se, but the teardrop shaped philtrum above pouty, pink lips might catch your eye. Chin is a slightly flattened point, with an indentation in the center that seems to fall from full lower lip line that shares a similar curvature. Surprisingly Rubenesque and shapely for her ripe age, Lis is buxomly athletic and no stranger to hard work. Petite and toned, curves and muscles are in all the right places- even if she still has some growing to do.
Attire is typically some variety of a knee-length, flowy dress and a self-laced crown of flowers on her head to match. Purples, blues, yellows and whites are the norm. On the few and far between colder days at Half Moon Bay, some brightly colored wrap will be slung around shoulder. Strappy sandals fit the bill, and are usually an accent of one of the colors mentioned above, if not just a simple black. She is particularly fond of cute shoes that wrap around her ankles with a thin strap or two. Black and golden tinted bangles dangle off her right wrist and two silver droplet earrings are worn in her ears. A chevron shaped necklace splays across dainty collar bone and sparkles with many tiny moonstones inlaid in the piece. Left index finger sports a matching teardrop shaped ring and right pinky has a set of two silver bands with some type of native etchings on them. Lis apparently spends more marks on jewelry and shoes than she does her attire.


It has been a blessed life for this lucky gal- after all, being born at Half Moon Bay Hold was a blessing in itself, and growing up in such a desirable vacation destination definitely had its perks! She has become a 'Libs of many talents' born to a Farmcrafting father and traveling Trader for a mother, younger years were spent fostering a variety of hobbies and ensuring a well-rounded upbringing. Despite being the middle child of three, her talents were nurtured right from the get go and she has always been one to excel at anything she puts her mind to. From runner racing to doing show tricks and snorkeling for exotic fish viewing to building exquisite sand castles, she's definitely a beach bred gal, loving the sun and enjoying it as much as she can. Be it gardening, propagating, germinating and hydroponics, or convincing Bendenites to buy a red from another region, talking an Istan in to drinking her home-brewed rum or having a Fortian eat a snowcone- girl's got skills. Lisbei has always been a busy one, living up to the standards of her honorable family who are well known in their crafts around HMH, she is constantly on the go and bettering herself daily.

A taste for fine food and beverages, an eye for rare silks and jewelry, and knack for all things plant related, her skill set is varied and diverse. Studying under her father, an Apprenticeship in Farmcrafting was started at the earliest age possible. Followed by the direct training of Master Verdar, she was soon walking the tables to become one of the youngest Journeymen the craft has ever seen. It was not long after this that her Trading tactics were honed in on. With that sweet face and smooth tongue, things of this nature came easily for Lis. Deciding that Inter-Weyr relations were seriously lacking among the islands, she set out at thirteen turns to single handedly change things. Creating many accounts and trade agreements with various areas around Half Moon Bay and the Emerald Isles, she has recently settled at Half Moon Bay Weyr to expand these treaties and build a thriving empire of goods to be shared throughout the region.


Name Relation Location Position
Isabell Mother Half Moon Bay Hold Trader
Leionis Father Half Moon Bay Hold Master Farmcrafter
Bellis Brother Ista Weyr Smithcrafter
Liselle Sister Benden Weyr Vintner


Title OOC Date Cast
Mi Weyr es su Weyr June 13, 2014 Lisbei, Rou'x
Hotsprings and Greenriders June 15, 2014 Lisbei, Nae
Runners and Beautiful Women June 14, 2014 Gerazal, Lisbei
A Pernese Dr. Doolittle June 15,2014 Lisbei, Nae, Sundari
Boy Meets Boy October 5, 2014 Daranyl, Lisbei, S'rorn, Sundari
Rest At The Rooftop Garden October 7, 2014 Lisbei, Makoto. Daranyl, Sundari, Keldan
On the Road October 17, 2014 Lisbei, Raev, Eryzan
Visitors and Stressors October 20, 2014 Chrystyne, Daranyl, Hotaru, Ilyse, Lisbei, Sundari
Awkward Party October 24, 2014 Daranyl, Lisbei, Tifla, Sundari
Beachsides (This Log is a Stub) October 29, 2014 Aglaia, Chyrystyne, Daranyl, Lisbei, Makoto, & Sundari




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