Lohracea fancies herself singular, despite an overall unremarkable appearance. Normal, dusky-blonde hair falls pin-straight past her shoulders. Milky blue-green eyes sparkle with a teenager's special overconfidence above a nose that just manages to break standard proportions. Lips bow gently, and seem more accustomed to pouts and dimpled smiles than rage or sadness. Her only real distinguishing features are her high cheekbones; these give her a haughty nigh-Nordic look that she's entirely too proud of.

Though cotholders, Lohr's foster parents were successful within their means, and it shows in her choice of clothing. Thin, silky shirts drape around her shoulders and wrap tighter across a stomach still trying to cling to its baby fat; these often come in bold primary colors, with just a few purples, greens, and soft pinks thrown in for flavor. In contrast, loose skirts and tight pants are almost always of a neutral earthy tone, with black, brown and khaki ranking amongst her favorites. Her shoes, at least, are standard weyr fare based on the season and outfit, though all bear significant signs of wear. For however delicate Lohr may seem, it appears she knows how to move (and does it often) if nothing else.


According to public knowledge, Lohr is a girl only just breaking away from her foster family, setting out to live in the weyr near her small cothold home of almost 10 turns. She's spirited, open, and has a developing gift for the gab that makes her either useful or troublesome, depending on who's asking. Like some teenagers, she's packin' in the self-confidence department, and insists that people call her /Lohr/. Lohracea is totally her baby name.

Though her name reflects her foster parents - Lorraine and Horaceo by dubbance, weavers of fashionable cloth by trade - Lohracea is technically yet another result of the flighty proclivities of green dragons. Her birth mother, Reve, originates from Western Weyr, a search and rescue rider known for her occasionally-reckless stunts. Her 'real' father has recently been revealed to be bluerider B'ky, formerly of Fort Weyr's transporation wing and current Weyrlingmaster at Ista Weyr.

In her youth, Lohr's fosters tended to move from hold to hold across Pern, settling only long enough to enhance their skills. It was an adventuresome life, one that little Lohr embraced as energetic and exciting, far too young to understand the dangers of travel. As soon as Lorraine followed her husband and walked the tables to Journeyman Weaver, it was decided that their little family of three would settle in a cothold somewhere north of Half Moon Bay Hold. Having an actual place to call home quickly lost its lustre, and if it weren't for frequent trade visits from her best friend Deilya, the poor girl might have gone out of her mind from sheer boredom.

So, by her fifteenth turnday, Lohracea had long decided that life in the minor cothold was /not/ for her. Though she briefly participated in her parents' craft, she had no desire to continue to pursue it - methodical monotony simply didn't hold her attention long enough to be productive. In order to escape life in a crafthall, Lohr elected to move to Western Weyr. Finding her birth mother and exploring her roots were certainly ulterior motives for her move, but there was also rumor that her travelling long-time partner-in-crime had recently taken up residence as well. It was settled. With a skillful memory for gossip, an open personality, and an affinity for running, Lohr packed her bags and set off to find some kind of chore she could do to earn her place a the weyr for the duration of her stay.


Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/Adoptable
Reve Mother Western Weyr Cay Wing Greenrider +20 Yes/Yes
B'ky Father Ista Weyr Weyrlingmaster +22 No/No
Lorraine Foster Mother Cothold Near Half Moon Bay Hold Journeyman Weaver +23 Yes/Yes
Horaceo Foster Father Cothold Near Half Moon Bay Hold Journeyman Weaver +26 Yes/Yes
Eistire Great-Aunt Monaco Hold Auntie +60 Yes/Yes
Coira Great-Aunt Monaco Hold Auntie +61 Yes/Yes
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