Bronzerider Ly'am


Rank Apprentice
Specialty Vo/Theatr/Instr
Mentor Undecided
Posting [Western Weyr]


This youth has not reached his full potential for height. He has medium length auburn hair that generally looks carefully messed up at any given time. His eyes are a greenish blue in colour, one colour showing dominence depending on his mood. He generally stands in slouch, walking casually from here to there with no seeming purpose. He pretty much wears just sturdy dark pants and a lighter button up shirt. Sturdy boots adorn his feet and depending on the weather he wears a green beret style cap on his hair.


Born of Kristhalis and Maharet at Healercraft hall, Lythanam spent most of his youth around the hall until being sent to Fort Hold for fostering to give him more varied experience and some relief from living in the shadow of the MasterHealer his father. Being born of two such serious parents Lythanam's nature of course turn that of a prankster, joker and a clown. No doubt causing some distress for his parents at times, though much amusement to others. He suffered his usual amount of bumps and scrumps through childhood, but nothing too serious. Never suffering the illnesses that plagued his father in his childhood.
Much of his youth was spent between healer hall and general lessons at the neighboring Harper Hall. He was found by a Master there to have some talent beyond causing trouble, singing and drumming. He was asked to craft at the Hall and agreed and no doubt some Masters do regret the choice as his pranks are a plague to the hall, but his talent stays their hand. One day a bronzerider from High Reaches, Or'un, came to Harper Hall on search claiming two of its members. He enlisted Lyth's aid to help them with their luggage only to end up getting searched himself. Come hatching time it was a bronze that did claim the young harper, a serious bronze to balance the carefree mood of the young harper.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Taira Weyrmate Western Weyr Wingrider on Blue Bhezuth PC
Kristhalis Father Healercraft MasterHealer PC
Maharet Mother Healercraft master Healer PC
D'len StepFather Xanadu Jman Healer and Rider to Green Szayelth PC
Lyn Aunt Dolphincraft/Xanadu S&R rider for Xanadu/Jman Dolphineer with Blue Liraeth PC
Laera Cousin-Lyn's Daughter Xanadu Rider to Blue Kereth PC
Larisa Cousin-Lyn's Daughter Dolphincraft/Xanadu Craft and Weyrbrat NPC
Lisle Aunt Ista Weyr Junior WW with Gold Umniyath PC
Alixander Cousin-Lisle's son Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC
Liva Cousin-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC
Analis Cousin-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC

All NPC's are open for playing, just page player can forward interest to the appropriate person.


Bronze Bell
Palest peachy bronze hide covers this firelizard, from the very tips of his toes and then upwards, spreading over his lanky body. An angular head rests atop a very long neck and the color deepens just barely as it moves across narrow shoulders and through an overtly skinny frame to the flickering, whipping length of his tail with its cut edged spade. Brilliantly colored though are his wings, a slight shade darker than his body and seeming oversized, a mass of silken peach membranes stretched between his lighter supporting 'spars.


Bronze Odryth
Dark bronze spills over this seemingly cracked dragon's hide, shrouding him in the deepest darkness known to his kind. Oxidized green fills in the cracks of his hide, forming most heavily around joints and giving him an ancient feel. His blocky head holds a pair of slick downward sloping headknobs along with a large and square jaw. A muscular neck connects to his broad chest and shoulders which seem capable of bearing all of Pern's weight if necessary. His wings are standard in size and shape, though the weathered greenish-blue has solidified all along his spars, outlining his drab bronzen sails. His delicate legs are not frail but dwarfed by the rest of him and ending in razor sharp talons dipped in light bronze. A violent change in structure occurs at his waist, which tapers in, lengthening the dragon's appearance. His tail is raised up higher than most dragons either by choice or design and ends in a knife-like spade smothered in copper.


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