Archipelago Wingrider L'nel


Gender Male
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Telgar Hold
Occupation Bronzerider
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Dragon Soihath

A pair of piercing brown eyes, large and round, are the most dominant feature of this man, certainly the most striking. His face itself is pretty ordinary in construction, and like his eyes is a little on the round side. A mass of thick black curls tops his head, cropped short to stop it becoming too unruly. Although he stands at just over 6 feet tall his body continues the slightly rounded theme, and while not obese he has a definite bulge around the middle.

L'nel's clothes are plain and simple, if slightly on the baggy side. His dark green tunic is unbelted, flapping happily around his waist and slightly open at the neck showing a glimpse of dark chest hair. His trousers are a dark grey and skim down his long legs to be tucked firmly into his rather battered-looking brown working boots.

On his shoulder is a very new-looking knot of a Western bronzerider.


It could be said that Lyonell's appearance was almost inevitable. Born of a baker and the man affectionately known as Bryan-the-butcher he was destined for a life in the kitchen, and more so he was destined for a life of being bribed with food to be quiet. Needless to say he was a chubby child who soon grew to be a chubby teenager that follows his parents into the cookery realms in order that he can keep up with his daily snack intake.

Unlike his parents, who both reside at Telgar Hold, he was sent to High Reaches Weyr under the watchful eye of an aunt to 'sort him out'. Sadly that meant a diet, but still he worked in the kitchen and there were ways and means….


Name Relation Location Position
Bryan Father Telgar Hold Cook
Arlene Mother Telgar Hold Baker



Lord of the Winds Bronze Soihath
Every facet of this golden bronze's build seems to be oversized - from the large, wide head that sits on his thick neck to the huge paws and their matching talons. Large faceted eyes sit between eyeridges that could almost be described as bushy, and blunted headknobs point off awkwardly in different directions, not quite symmetrical. Golden-bronze hues wrap like a heavy cloak as they settle over well-built shoulders, dropping down each limb and clinging to each oversized paw, giving way to axinite only at the very tips of his toes. Barrel-chested, his torso seems to flow into hips without any indication of a waist, tail flowing from there - thick almost to its axinite-dipped tip. Oversized axinite bronze ridges flow down his back with a grace that seems almost contradictory given their size, while overlarge wings are supported by their golden-spars. Orange-bronze sails, mottled by the lighter gold, stretch tautly from spar to spar, translucence revealing the structure beneath.


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