Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Occupation Assistant Headwoman
Craft/Rank Harper Journeyman
Hair Blonde
Eyes Grey
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Lysanne has the sort of dark-blonde hair that forgets, sometimes, that that's its natural color. As soon as she goes out in the sunlight, her hair starts to bleach itself, with the end result being that the shoulder-length ends of her hair are nearly white — even if her roots are a dark gold. It isn't as if she spends a lot of time in the sun, either; her skin is the sort of fair that burns readily, and she has barely any freckles. But a minute or two here, five to ten over there, spread out over the turns — and there you are. Her face is sweetheart-shaped, fine-boned and delicate, with a natural pale-pink blush tinging her cheeks and lips. Her brows are narrow but well-shaped, and don't overpower the cool and steadfast grey of her gaze.

She's quite tall, in a long sort of way — her frame is slender, but she has both long legs and a long torso; she even has a long neck — and so she seems somehow stretched out, whether walking around or just sitting still. Finding clothing that fits well is something of a problem, and lends itself to her preference for long, swingy skirts (which always seem to land somewhere above her ankles). The big, gaudy statement necklaces might be there to distract from how her blouses fit, or to distract from how thoroughly she fills them out; they also might just be there because she likes them.


Both Istan born and Istan bred, Lysanne is actually the child of riders, though you wouldn't have guessed it from how she was raised. Two loving parents and a passel of siblings at a farming cothold under Nerat's purview, all fosters and tightly bonded. Despite knowing she was a flight child, Lysanne didn't have dreams of dragons, or long for the far-away ideals of the Weyr. Nor were they all that far away: she did, ever, see her biological parents, and as she grew up developed something of a friendship (but not truly feeling like family) with both.

Her father left Ista, eventually, for Half Moon Bay — this was around the time that Lysanne, twelve, left Nerat for the Harper Hall. He ended up giving her a ride, promising to visit, and then ten turns passed before they saw each other again. She spent eight of those ten turns at the Hall, becoming something of a presence: an archivist and recordskeeper, organized and skilled and neat, but also something of a literal prima donna. She could sing, with raw talent that it rankled the masters she refused to train more. Singing was just fun, and Lysanne saw no cause to do it as a livelihood. She'd rather keep books and make pretty tribal doodles in the margins, make elegant notecards with fancy calligraphy, and keep track of every lineage and financial record that fell into her lap as well as taking copious legal notes.

Even her typing became pretty good.

But with that prima donna skill came the prima donna personality, or perhaps it was the other way around: Lysanne, knowing she was talented and on the prettier side for a teenage girl, was snooty and arrogant. A Queen Bee of the hall, she kept a tight circle of friends and a wider outer one, and all of them were people who essentially reveled in being around her just as she reveled in her popularity and talent. So it was something of a shock when as she grew up, Lysanne also became a nicer human being. By the time she was eighteen and taking Journeyman's exams, she didn't even try to manipulate her friends.

That Journeyman's knot didn't come easy. She didn't pass all the tests the first time. Could be that that was part of what humbled her, though she didn't lose those friendships. The second time,at nineteen, she managed. A celebratory trip to visit her father was how she first fell in love with Emerald Isle; multiple vacations later she'd put in a request to be posted there. It took another turn and a half, but shortly after twenty-two, Lysanne moved out to Half Moon Bay. To a new continent, a new adventure, and actually living at a Weyr for the first time in her dragonrider-bred life.

(She still didn't dream of dragons. But she did dream of those beaches.)


Name Relation Location Position
Il'nys Father Half Moon Bay Weyr Wingrider
Aurianne Mother Ista Weyr Asst. Weyrlingmaster
cellcontent Foster Father Nerat Hold Cotholder
cellcontent Foster Mother Nerat Hold Cotholder
Names Foster Siblings Places Positions


All I've Worked For Blue Aeolus
Is there such a thing as a grey firelizard? No, of course this one's really a blue, but he's about as grey blue as it gets. Thin and long, dignified in visage and in carriage, his greyness isn't at all a sign of illness but a fine, strong shadow-blue. While he may be on the small side for his color, he is noble and handsome in his way. There is nothing that gets by these wise eyes and cunning snout, deft paws and graceful wings.

Hidden Amongst the New Leaf Green Dud
A large green, she is like a prime athlete. She's lean and hard, all tight sinew and powerful muscles. The sharp wedge of her head cuts through the air, head knobs swept back aerodynamically. New leaf green colors a strong neck which snakes though the air to take in all around her. The bright green rolls over a set of solid shoulders, across a back firm from supporting the wave of translucent sails, to roll down the taut flanks. The whipcord tail snaps restlessly behind her with a sharp slap. Dapples of harlequin green dance over her silken hide like the shadows of sunlight through leaves. Pale champagne brushes over the wingsails giving hints of gold to the brilliant green.


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