There's got to be something said for the rough, country-boy type look that this young man sports. His hair is a tossled brown mess with just enough wave to it to keep it from staying where a good combing originally placed it. His skin is lightly tanned, green-grey eyes are bordered by dark lashes and brows, his nose tapered with a small ridged across the bridge from a break that was not seat correctly. Lips are thin and do not help detract from the square set of his jaw. From the neck down the man is built fairly well with stout arms and shoulders that lead into a barrel chest, a marginally narrow waist, and long legs with feet to fit the rest of him.

White, white, and more white is what this candidate wears. The robe is pretty simple, falling from shoulder to mid-calf like an oversized, sleeveless bag with a hole for his head and arms to go through. If one were to look closely enough they could tell that he wears a pair of white nearly knee length shorts beneath his robe for modestys sake. His big feet are covered in heavy-duty thick soled sandles that slip on and off with ease.


Dimitri's life started out in the infirmary at Western Weyr where is mother of course gave birth to him with his father watching over. The Seamstress and the brownrider were an odd but loving pair, raising their children well with only a few major battles over the silly things that boys will always do. Dimitri was amongst the leaders of his siblings, always finding ways to bend the rules without breaking them and earning a stern reprimand and punishment from his parents. Perhaps it was being plunked in the stables after filling one of the cooks kettles with bugs when he was a lad of 12 that finallly turned him around and opened the boys eyes to a grand new path - Runners.

HIs life opened up and took off like a shot, Dimitri learning quickly the ins and outs of the stables as well as just which runners could be easily slipped out for a late night ride on the beach. That's where he's been since that fateful day five turns ago, mucking out stalls, repairing tack, excersising runners, day and in and out without a complaint and with ever increasing muscle and strength.


Name Relation Location Position
Mitrea Mother Western Weyr Seamstress
X'ayiz Father :Between: Deceased
Markov Brother Western Weyr Resident
Cagia Sister Western Weyr Resident
Veron Brother Western Weyr Resident


Bronze Colt
Rich bronze slips down this long firelizard's pointed neckridges, trailing down his elongated muzzle, serpentine neck, and finally ending at his forked tail. This dark color is dappled with flecks of sandy yellow giving his hide an almost glittering affect. Burnished bronze pools at his narrow chest, the color flowing over his delicate muscles and enveloping the rest of his lithe trunk. His skinny legs are also painted in this darker bronze as well, yellow ochre sparsely covering his bony paws and end in a pair of brownish bronze talons. A pair of small and frail wings shoot out from his frame, his sails gleaming in a vibrant tangerine, giving them a silken appearance.


Dreams and Schemes Bronze Rixaith
In mottled burnt bronze and polished brass this large dragon embodies a predator; though short in snout, almost flattened, the inky black tip curves downwards into a sharp point. Several pearly white teeth peek out along the side in a fierce display of pure carnivore. Overly large rounded eyes, always a-whirl with absorbing intelligence, are fixed in a permanent glare from dark angled eyeridges, sweeping back into near-black headknobs that match the sooty broad sails of his wings. The most brazen part of his hide fills in the rest of his head like a copper mask, before being suffocated by the lesser metallic sheen of dark sepia in a splotchy pattern as it falls down the regal arch of his neck and into the rest of his body. Brushing his short thick rudder-like tail and lightening again down elegant legs that end in wickedly sharp onyx talons.

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