Curly hair of coppery-auburn is chopped short, though not short enough to destroy the bouncy ringlets that frame his slightly pudgy face. Eyes of a pretty green are cushioned by lashes that many a girl would die for, though the freckles that cover his nose and cheeks are something he'd likely prefer to do without. His frame is average - standing just over 6' tall, and he's not overly slender, nor is he overweight - instead his body shows lean and wiry strength. His clothing is quite simple, and changes with the seasons - rough woven pants or shorts in bland colors, and a button up shirt - usually in blues or greens, though the occasional rust shirt will pop up here or there.


Unlike many who are born at at Weyr, Maddox wasn't the child of a dragonrider, or even to the best of his knowledge a grandchild of one. Born to a pair of hunters at Fort Weyr, Maddox was working from the time he could walk - helping first with gathering the traps that were set, and then later with a sling. Through the years, he received the necessary education, and while he never particularly exceled at many of his lessons, he did have a ear for music. After much consideration, and careful planning, Maddox was sponsored to the Harper Hall, in an attempt to hone his skills And so, after proving his worth, Maddox became a Harper apprentice, and was in time apprenticed to the Harpers at Western Weyr.


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