Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Healer Hall
Occupation Assistant Headwoman
Hair Glossy brown
Eyes Blue-gray

Compact, cleanly put-together and altogether serious: Maire's posture and demeanor can best be summed up as purposeful. Despite being on the shorter side of average, physical labor has lent her the more angular lines of muscle than graced her with the fuller curves with which she might have ended up. She's fair, to be sure, skin pale and at least a little sunburned more often than not. Her fine, ruddy brown hair is typically kept bound in a glossy bun atop her head and rarely seen to hang loosely. Steely, blue-gray eyes assess from beneath a still-smooth brow; combined with the willful lift of her chin, there's little present physically to recommend her as a warm individual. At best guess, she's probably somewhere in her mid-twenties.

Sensible and smart seem to be the order of her wardrobe, color palettes primarily of earthy greens, browns and blacks. Seasonally appropriate and modestly cut, her clothing choices tend to revolve around functionality and comfort over aesthetics. Crisply looped about one shoulder is the knot of a Half Moon Bay headwoman's assistant.


Maire was aware of a singular fact from a young age: She didn't want to be a healer.

Being the daughter of a surgeon and an ancillary worker at Healer Hall, childhood wasn't without its set of expectations; having excelled in harper lessons and proven her possession of a sharp, capable intellect, she was heavily encouraged to pursue a similar career. Her equally impressive levels of squeamishness and disinterest, however, quickly put that plan to rest.

What young Maire did have a knack for was organization and management. Hours spent in collecting information both on the computer and on paper passed soothingly, as she found categorization to be a rather relaxing exercise. Not so surprisingly, childhood friends were few and far between for the sharp-tongued introvert who'd rather think than socialize. Determined to help his only daughter not end up a total recluse, Maire's father pulled a few strings with his family and suggested that she spend some time working at High Reaches with her grandmother.

Upon moving to her first weyr, there was little culture shock for Maire, who treated behaviors foreign to her as matters which ought to be studied rather than feared. She earned her keep in the lower caverns, first as an archival assistant, then as an assistant headwoman. There remained no further room for advancement, however, as the current headwoman hardly seemed likely to vacate her position any time in the near future. Half Moon Bay, her supervisor suggested pointedly, might be a better place upon which to set her sights. It would also mean warmer climes and a chance to live near the water.

The move seemed logical enough, Maire reflected as she packed her belongings and headed for the coast. Whether it would result in what her ambitions dictated remained to be seen.


Name Relation Location Position
NPC Father Healer Hall Surgeon
NPC Mother Healer Hall Ancillary Staff


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