Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Occupation Smithcraft Journeywoman
Hair Black
Eyes Ice blue


Makoto is cute but awkward sort, her best features undermined by her lack of confidence or social skills. Her black silky hair hangs down her lower back. It is cut blunt in the front, just a tad lower than her eyebrows. While she makes an effort to keep it neat is often in slight disarray or hastily tied out of the way. Her cold blue slanted eyes that would be striking if they were not filled with constant uncertainty. Her skin is a milky white, while occasionally looking elegant, more cries desperately for sunlight. Makoto has a chubby, pear shaped body, with wide hips, somewhat narrow shoulders and inconveniently large breasts she does everything in her power to keep out of the way and divert attention from.

Self-concious about her appearance, Makoto dresses practically and prudishly, wearing loose garb to hide her figure.


Makoto was born to her father Shoji (a smith) and her mother Allisi (a harper) at Ista Weyr. Makoto took interest in her father's craft early on and found her self to be a natural tinkerer with a thirst for learning.
While Makoto was close to both her parents, her relationship was strongest with her father. Unfortunately, Shoji perished in a construction accident when Makoto was 14 turns of age, sending her and her mother to spiral into depression. When her mother dove into alcoholism and emotional abuse, Makoto found escape in her craft.

Makoto was forced to mature faster than she was ready to support her and her mother. This and her toxic home environment lead to an uneven psychological development and left Makoto socially lacking and prone to escapist behaviors. Upon establishing her self as a journeywoman, Makoto forced her self to abandon her mother and travel about Pern in search of good work and new opportunities to improve her craft.
Life on her own was good for Makoto's psyche and 22 turns of age, she is beginning to get a handle on personal life. While still awkward and prone to maniac depressive behaviors, Makoto is a dependable and clever craftswoman who has begun to study and read up on techcraft. When not studying her crafts, Makoto likes to lose her self in novels, especially enjoying stories about riders.


Name Relation Location Position
Shoji Father Ista (Deceased) Master Smithcrafter
Alessi Mother Ista Harper


Title OOC Date Cast
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How Much Truth is Too Much? October 10, 2014 Daranyl, Makoto, & Sundari
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Beachsides (This Log is a Stub) October 29, 2014 Aglaia, Chyrystyne, Daranyl, Lisbei, Makoto, & Sundari
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