A woman standing at 5'5". The young woman has dark brown locks which fall down to her mid-back. The brown hair normally is left to go down and fall into whatever place it may take. Occasionally, it'll be worn in a braid or two. Her hair, when down, is out of her face and gently framing her face. The brown locks are straight, with slight curls on the end. Blue, is the color of her eyes. A deep blue, one that is darker than the sky.. Menea wears more practical shading of clothes. Brown, tan, the occasional dark blue or red. And, not one for dresses. She wears pants and tunics, occasionally caught with one dress every now and then. The woman has a relatively fit body, not lacking in anything that makes her a woman. She appears a normal size of women her age who have gone through pregnancy twice, she has lost the extra fat mostly. She wears the knot of the Western's Headwoman upon her arm.


The daughter of a green rider and a bronze rider. Her birthfather is a bronze rider, the one that her mother is weyrmated to is a blue rider. Her green rider mother, Mikaela, met the bronze rider a few times before her green rose. And, the bronze happened to catch the green's attention when her mother really had eyes for R'ken. R'ken and Mikaela were weyrmated sometime after and the bronzerider was out of the picture. Mikaela's pregnancy was more or less a surprise to the two, but, they decided that they wanted to have their child. Mikaela was moved to the Queen's wing for sometime until Menea was born. The father wanted to name the girl Merea, but, Mikaela decided to replace the r with an n. A credit to the bronze rider that she knew her daughter was from. Thus, she was named Menea. Menea grew up in Western Weyr, a young little weyrbrat full of trouble for her mother and father. She has a relatively boring life, taking skill at working with clothing, thread and needles, sewing. She learned that from her father, excelling in it quiet quickly. Though, carving or anything of the sort from her mother results in cut up fingers. Menea was a troublesome little when she was growing up, she was picky about everything that she ate. She didn't like sleeping when told, preferring to sleep when she decided. She would never let her parents sleep when she wanted to play. She was a little brat and always speaking out against people.

When she finally spoke out against her mother, she couldn't take it anymore and punished Menea which really effected her. She stopped talking so much then, she only spoke when she felt her opinion was really needed or she needed/wanted something. Or, when she showed interest. As said before, she showed interest in her father's sewing once. She sat there watching him before he offered her a try, and, he trained her then because she seemed really delighted with it. Her first experience with a carving knife caused her to avoid any carving sets. Her first experience in cutting herself had made her think it was too hard. Even if she had pricked herself with sewing, she didn't like working with wood. She grew up working around the kitchens as well other places, though, most of her time is spent working on sewing. And, that's how it continued throughout her childhood. Dragons, nothing really important to her. Both her parents were bonded, she helped oil her father's blue and her mother's green. The thought of Impressing appeals to her, though, she does not voice this interest.

She still lives with both her parents in Western Weyr currently, sewing and doing whatever else she feels.

More recently, she was a Candidate at Xanadu and failed to Impress. She wasn't bugged by it. In fact, she seems to have grown more bold. Through out the days, she spent most time running errands and looking for a Journeyman Weaver that will teach her. A few times, she'd been confronted about what she does and why she wasn't doing anything. She did state her reasons, but, she did happen to not like the person afterwards. Jandria, confronting her in the storage caverns, and later on Mysarra. Menea was in fact, still in a relationship with Sarcon since after Xanadu, but, she had noticed that he began to drift away. She had indeed asked him about what was happening, but, he said nothing until he was drunk out of his mind after a fight from earlier. This is when she met Renna, her best friend. The two threw the drunken Sarcon into the lagoon and were on their way out.

Renna did everything she could to have Menea avoid Sarcon so he wouldn't ruin her plans. She was constantly trying to hook Menea up with someone, even if she didn't want to. That's when Renna noticed Menea's particular little liking for Z'lren, even after she declared she would not be with another guy, ever. Renna was doing all she could to get the two together. In fact, she was even trying, the second before she got Searched. The two of them were skinny dipping on Renna's request, to prove Menea was indeed, weyrbred. A few days after, Menea was asked to stand by S'ym, where, she happily accepted.

Candidacy, Menea was showing the other Candidates who haven't been so before all the ropes. She was showing the this and that and what chores to do, etc. When, Kathryn declared that they would simply be doing work outs in the mornings with Z'ac and working on the stables. She was more than happy to do this, Renna was confused on her friend's happy behavior to the subject. The reason being was, she didn't have to do those rotation chores anymore! Those boring, boring, chores. It was a few days after when Renna decided she'd bring Truth or Dare into the Candidate Dorms. This was another notch to Menea's reasons why she would never be with another guy, even Z'lren.

It wasn't too long before Menea had two 'lizards following her around, the seclusive Deen and the knight in shining armor, Noitceffa. A few other 'lizards were taken by the other Candidates, Renna wasn't around at the time to get one.

Working in the Stables wasn't bad, she started to work with Filan who was on the road to becoming her friend. The two were close, though, Menea tended to get the friendship on a shaky end. Doing before thinking, the very childish way to do things. The stable work was continuing and then, they were all hit with something else to clean. The Weyr's Storage Caverns began to burn! The candidates were trapped in the barracks until J'vry, Jandria, and Kathryn came to their rescue. They were brought out, taken care of, and had to sleep in the Tiki Lounge. Menea's main concern were the two shirts she spent so long making. Filan's Gather shirt and her own. Within those days after the fire, they've been spending cleaning up the whole mess.

To take a break from it all, Menea decided that they should once again play Truth or Dare. And, with doing such, they've found out some interesting things about their fellow Candidates. It ended up with Menea eating a trundlebug, Sarcon seducing Filan and a load of crazy things. Filan then got mad and stomped off. Soon, Menea realized her mistake and was apologizing to Filan. He gave her one final chance… The eggs had yet to crack.

Finally, one morning the eggs began to hatch. They had to run through snow and cold weather to get onto the Sands. Filan — F'inn — managed to Impress and Menea was again left standing. The girl has secluded herself to her work, determination for becoming a Journeyman Weaver as soon as she can. Hatchings seemingly switching her personality around. Perhaps standing a second time was not a good idea on the girl's part. Nonetheless, she continues with her very silent (and probably slimming in her mind) dream to Impress some day.

It wasn't until recently that Z'lren opened up Menea and took her with him, to live up in his weyr where they remained a happy couple. As fate would have it, Menea found herself sitting with Z'lren and a strange brownrider from Ista. And, was 'kidnapped' away from her home once more. She didn't care for this hatching as much as she had the others, it was another every day thing. She did what she had to, had fun, met people and grew to know the area. And, when the time for the eggs to hatch… She was passed by once more. She left the Weyr and became an apprentice at Western, where she lived with Z'lren again. The young woman showed no more interest in being searched, and, her weyrmate left it at that. He even became an apprentice. The two could work together, as well. Though, things had started to change…

It wasn't too long after they were together that Menea became pregnant, which was a shock to both. Menea refused to believe it until she met with the Weyrhealer in which is was announced to both. Menea took it worse than Z'lren. Many months later, Menea went into labor and /refused/ to leave their weyr at /all/ so Z'lren had to fetch the healers and the mid-wives. That day, two children were born. Renzeren and Phanea, a boy and a girl, twins. They were welcomed with open arms and Menea took her time recovering to raise them, then set about working on her Journeyman's knot.

Leibeth had taken to the skies once more and chatter of the clutch was about the Weyr. No longer put off by her past experiences, Menea accepted the candidates knot when it was offered. She was quite happy to be standing again, she even made friends and was reunited with Thalin. Come time to stand upon the sands, the woman grew worried and nervous.. Until finally.. It came to an end. Thalin, now T'lin impressed. As well as Shenna, Soriya, Sharix, and Jolmeriov… She left the sands once more and returned to her weyrmate's weyr where she stayed with her twins and weyrmate, explaining how much they were missed.. She fell once again into her studying…

For Turns, it seemed that she was doing nothing. When, finally, during one of her studies she was handed the assistant headwoman's knot and was told to go for lessons and training. Turns, she spent on that and then, the Headwoman finally retired and the knot was handed off to the young woman. She changed, warped the Weyr into a clean place and keeping a firm hold over every bit of dust and dirt around. That is, until she became pregnant once more and had to retreat into an easier work flow. The time came and Zepha was born, the "good" child. Or so, is said.

Currently, she is just the Headwoman.. Running the residents around and keeping everything proper. Raising her children and also keeping her weyrmate in line.


Name Relation Location Position
Z'lren Weyrmate Western Weyr Weyrsecond
Phanea Daughter Western Weyr Child
Renzeren Son Western Weyr Child
Zepha Daughter Western Weyr Child
Mikaela Mother Western Weyr Greenrider
R'ken Father Western Weyr Bluerider


Green Elbaroda

Blue Evol

Brown Noitceffa

Blue Deen


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