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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
Occupation Sr.App Dolphineer, Part Time Waitress
Hair Dirty Blond
Eyes Green

This is young woman stands at five and a half feet tall, with an athletic build, muscles toned from a lifetime of swimming. She wears her dirty blonde hair loose most of the time, reaching down past her shoulder blades, and her skin is constantly a light bronze from time spent in the tropical sun.


The family that Mira was born into was a traditional family from Half Moon Bay Hold. Mira had a mother and father as you might expect, as well as two older siblings, her brother Killan, and sister Alessa, making her the youngest of the three children. The family had a small plot of land that they tended as members of the Beast Craft, breeding and training runner beasts, primarily for the races that have placed Half Moon Bay Hold on the map. Childhood was unremarkable, a traditional education with the harpers, and chores at home afterwards, though she was often drawn to the beach where she would play and frolic, with a bit of an independent streak to the young girl. When it came time to apprentice to the craft, Mira had decided to break with tradition, her brother and sister both having followed in their family’s footsteps, and it assumed Mira would. She instead said she didn’t want to be stuck with the runners for the rest of her life, and that she wanted to apprentice to the Dolphin Craft. Her parents agreed, after some discussion, Mira would have to work at the family business in her off time to pay for the lessons until she was old enough to find work herself.

As time passed, and Mira grew older, she got more antsy working around the hold of her family, she had found a partner at age seventeen, and was starting to get more responsibility and freedom in working with her partner. Mira was officially made a Senior Apprentice on her eighteenth birthday, and it was only a few months later that she decided to move on from Half Moon Bay Hold, up to the Weyr, her dolphin partner more closely attached to the pod working with the Weyrfolk, and the general desire to distance herself a bit from her family and start living her own life. She has recently taken a job at the Tiki Lounge as a waitress to pay for the remainder of her education, working shifts in the evenings when her duties with the Craft gave her free time.


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