About five and a half feet tall, with reddish blonde hair, this woman isn't exactly athlete material. She's just a tiny bit pudgy, but it seems to make her all the more sweet-looking. She looks…well, not quite motherly, as she still retains the brightness of youth in her face, but there are muted silver strands among the fiery gold of her hair, just at the temples. Her hair is done up in a high ponytail, but two tendrils have been left free to frame her face.

It's a cute, pixyish face that these tendrils of spun ruby-gold frame. Her eyes are large and friendly, sea-green depths bright with the vigor of youth not yet lost. The woman's nose is tiny and pert, and turns up a little. There's even a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her lips are pleasantly full for a woman's, and are rouged with just a hint of color.

She wears a dark green ovine wool garment that, on old Terra, might have been called a shirtdress. It has a foldover collar and reaches to her knees, cinched about her waist with a simple thin black leather belt. Her legs under the garment are covered too, though…with a pair of simple black leggings. A pair of ankle boots with hard, flat soles complete the look.


Born in South Bend Hold to a single woman named Annalee, Miralee instead took her name from her mother and her aunt, whose name was Miala (mainly because Annalee did not know who the father was). Miralee took an interest in baking when she was about ten, and the Master Chef at South Bend took her under his wing as an apprentice.

She stayed at South Bend until she was about twenty, just after earning Journeyman rank. Then she regrettably moved out of both the Master Chef's tutelage…and her mother's abode. She moved to Ierne, and settled there for a time. She stayed for quite some time, enjoying the freedom. She had a small bake shop there that made decent money.

However, while she was there, she became acquainted with a man by the name of Gerard. Miralee thought she was in love with him…but it turned out that he was slowly taking almost every mark she had in her name. Thankfully, she caught it before it was too late, and confronted him. There was a huge fight, and Gerard attacked her. She fought valiantly, proving to Gerard that she was no weak, simpering woman. She left him with scars, and he was arrested.

She couldn't stay at Ierne after that…so she took her remaining savings and moved yet again. Nearly thirty…perhaps she was too old to move. But move she did. Right to Western. With an uncertain future ahead, she carried what little she possessed ('little', of course…meaning an entire kitchen full of baking supplies!) to Western….


Name Relation Location Position
Annalee Mother South Bend Hold



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