Greenrider Mynna


Mynna is a girl in the middle of her teenage turns, perhaps sixteen or seventeen. She stands about five and a half feet tall, with a thin frame and muscles toned from daily manual labor. Her skin is naturally light, but has a slight tan from time spent out in the sun. Her hair is a light blonde color, flowing straight just past her shoulders, and her eyes are a honeyed brown. Her face is round, with a tiny nose, large eyes, and a wide smile. While still very young looking, she has the figure of a fully mature woman. She moves with a great natural energy, a smile almost always on her lips.

Mynna is dressed very simply, wearing a utilitarian outfit for labor in hot weather. She wears a dark grey tank top, cut just above her navel, and a pair of light brown shorts that end at her thighs. A brown leather pouch hangs from her hip, carrying whatever she might need on hand. Her feet are protected by a simple pair of brown shoes with no socks.


Mynna was born the daughter of a stablegirl at Western Weyr. Her mother's mother was a stablegirl at Western Weyr, as was her mother, and so on and so forth back as far as anyone cares to remember. So it was little surprise that as she grew older, Mynna herself ended up caring for the Weyr's runners and following in her family's footsteps. Still, throughout childhood Mynna has always had bigger dreams, concocting elaborate plots to flee the weyr and start a new life of fame, fortune, and adventure. Given her lack of skills which would help her appeal to any craft, it is little wonder that she has yet to make any of these dreams into reality.


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Green Image
This little lady is a haphazard conglomeration of olivine and avacado patches, which seem to encompass her whole body. Here and there, hints of a brighter jade undertone peek through, like moonlight through a forest canopy. Pale golden-green rims one faceted eye, a thin line dripping down her muzzle like a tear shed for all that might have been. Washed-out pea green rings her snout, with an incongruous little spot of pine right at the tip. Her mottled coloration is otherwise echoed over her whole body, with her wingsails picking up the washed-out pea green around her snout. Her little ebony talons glitter brightly, lending the appearance of a woman at least trying to look presentable. Despite her motley appearance, there is something very sweet about her, in the way she does her best to hold herself with some measure of pride.


Well Begun is Half Done Green Ingriath
Glorious fits as vibrant grass green is the starting color on this brightly colored and very large girl. It starts between head knobs and runs down her over long spine of rippling ridges till it ends upon her tail spade. There it reaches down over broad shoulders, barrel and hips in spikes that bleed into a bright lime. Bright lime fades into lemon grass and progressively lighter to her underside where her belly is bright enough that it is almost yellow. Her wings are much the same, the grass green spreading over her overlarge spars and fading out into the bright lemon grass of her sails. Her limbs are predominantly the same lemony green of her sails at the feet, darkening as they go up till they meet with the darker pattern. Apart from her neck looking over long, which heightens the effect of her size, she's well proportioned and rather lovely to look at.

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