Pern's Freebird...
Portrayed By Falk Neumann
Gender Male
Aliases Nalkor, Kor, Nalk, KorKor, Nal
Place of Birth Benden Weyr
Current Location Ista Weyr
Occupation Rider/Tavern Manager
Character's Attibuted to Kor's Development Ameera, Lorena, T'eo, Razhendi, Rea, Rayda, S'uin, Ysa
Status Rider of Bronze Nasrinth
First Appearance Vintner At High Reaches

Quick Stats

Hair Color: Middle Varient of Red
Eye Color: Light Blue
Weight: 180lbs
Height: 5'11
Skin: Caucasian
Muscle Mass: Lean to lightly built
Likes: Women, booze, business, marks, rock climbing, living life on the road and on the edge, no plans, freedom
Phobias: Deep water, swimming, drowning. Goldriders.
Flaws: Right arm has about 10% feeling left in it, mobility limited
Scars: Burns underneath his forearms, shoulder missing muscle - evidence of feline mawling, small scars and knicks all over, knife scar on front left hip, tattoo/brand three-quarters scrapped off on right rump.
Sexual Preference: Women, without a doubt. Has had homosexual experiences but is 99.9% geared toward women.


With a prominent facial structure, it is easy to see the ruggedness this man conveys. For instance his cheek bones are strongly defined to the extent that his jawls seem to sink in. As well, his brow ridge is quite bold, extending far enough that it leaves his eyelids nearly hidden and causing his eyes to become sleek in his overall look. Of his eyes they are coloured a light blue with a ring of navy on the outter edges of the iris. They are also boardered by fairly thick lashes and rusty bushy brows. Eyes sit center with his wide nose and its straight bridge. A thinly stretched mouth of shallow pink has the tendancy to set in a sneer, whether by nature or of subconscious design. A square chin usually has scruffy copper whiskers covering it and the jaw line - from ear tip to ear tip. To top it off, the man usually keeps his straight reddish hair short and rarely well kept - but that's not the current trend for the man. It seems his hair is growing out, at a longer length that can be tied back, the weight of it keeps his hair from going out every which way and instead sweeps back in a most traditional sort of style.

Currently the man is dressed in common garb - the basic necessity to keep a body cool in the hoter climates. There's also a well worn leather jacket over his shoulders, patched in some places as if it's gone through many adventures, as if he's never been without. He appears to be in his early thirties and stands approximately five feet eleven inches high. He wears a journeyman Vintner knot and a knot of an Istan rider looped in and threaded with a bronze strand.


Here's a lad born to a woman who really didn't care for the offspring she bore - as happenstance and previous encounters had rote. Yet, she was a woman who fell desperately in love with a man and discovered a way to make him stay with her - bearing sons for him. The first, Nalkor, born to ensnare the man. The second, Jesdon, to tie up loose ends.

Nalisha, a weyrwoman of Benden, had no maternal instinct what so ever, nor did she have the time. She mostly used her children as leverage and to get what she wanted. Nalkor's father on the other hand, tried his earnest to make up for what they lacked in a mother and often failed. J'rdon was raised in a large close knit family before he had come to the Weyr and impressed his bronze Kujath. Therefore, he only felt it right to try and spend as much time with his son's as possible. As it was, the man himself had very little time in between doting on Nalisha, dragon care, and his duties to the Weyr. When he had time, he showed favour most for Jesdon as it turned out, since he considered the first with Nalisha, Nalkor, to have been a mistake - a child that should've been *betweened* while in the womb.

Without a doubt, weyrbratting was the outcome for Nalkor's younger Turns. Surprisingly Nalkor turned out to be a character that neither begged for attention nor really wanted it, giving him opportunity to disappear within the walls of Benden without notice. Until this day, only Nalkor knows what he was up to during those escapades where he vanished. Rumor has it he got into the wine - more of a retrospect deduction than anything else.

When he became of age, he didn't have interest in Weyr duties and never once requested to stand - a born right of a child from a pairing of two dragon riders. He only stood for the sake of his mother who convinced him to do it for his father, to improve the man's mood, which over the Turns had gotten bitter and scornful. His mother would only talk to him when a clutch was on the sands, staying long enough to watch him during the hatching, then immediately leave after he was left there, unpaired. Another failure - she would later say publicly.

It was evident then to Kor that he couldn't stay. With a father turning abusive and a mother that scorned him, it was no wonder that Nalkor strayed away from the footing of his parents, opting to wander away from the Weyr life. As it just so happens, along the road west, a clever looking journeyman Vintner lured him to the Craft. After all, he was born to Benden and had been sipping the wines ever since he was old enough not to drop a wine goblet - so why not?

The rugged and free life style of a Vintner suited the youngster, stimulating the dormant mind of a weyrbrat into one of a creative and sly businessman. Although he was never established as a brewer, as one might assume every Vintner must master, he found his growth strong in public relations. He became rigorously involved with transporting Vintner products, networking all over the map. He had also become actively interested in the increase of his own profits by offering to work out financial deals with buyers. On the off chance they didn't know what to do with the product, he also offered lessons on how to store the products correctly - for a price. Before long, he was known as a distributor. A man who would bring you what you needed before you knew what you wanted.

It had been adrenalizing for the better part of his early Turns as a Vintner. With no official hall to report to, everything was picked up on the road, facing all the risks that came with such a life. His mentor was not known for any particularly outstanding trait, other than no matter the cost he always got the job finished. There had been some rumors of shady dealings, nothing though that interfered with the man teaching his craft to the youngster he convinced to join him.

It could be that the rumors were true, as more began to circulate around the time that Nalkor had been turning eighteen. It stemmed from Bitra, where the mentor had often held many debts paid over in products to the Holder. As it were, the man's body had turned up on the outskirts of Bitra, pillaged of any valuables. No investigation was ever pursued, as it was left to the discretion of the Holder to incite such.

It was then very simple for Nalkor to be accepted as a journeyman, whom took over his mentors business, clients, and routes. Most had simply forgotten about Nalkor's mentor, with no criminal investigation called for. It simply happened and the death hadn't interrupted the flow of valuable product! Nalkor was generally more liked for his charismatic style anyhow. No one filed any complaints against his name. Thus, his journeying took him across the vast Northern landscape, where he gained invaluable experience from the lessons of the road.

Nalkor's Quote: "A man can pick up quite the book of knowledge when spending Turns on the road."

On a day such as any other on the road, with a lucrative prospect of widening his business to minorHolds north of High Reaches, Nalkor's journey was interrupted in the passes of the mountains. While sharing a fire with a caprine herder, two Xanadu riders, long from home, dropped down upon the road. The two were questioned easily by Nalkor while he offered them some of the camp fire food. Instead of food however, the first became interested in Keziah, inviting her back to Xanadu to stand for their clutch. The second, Lorena, having taken a keen liking to the engaging conversation Nalkor provided, asked him the same. Whether it was because the woman batted her eyes at him the right way or he had realized a greater prospect of opening up business networks in the south, he took this deviation, this chance, the opportunity.

Only after his arrival at Xanadu was he amused by the prospect of standing on the sands, towering above the rest of his class as he was the eldest of the bunch. He had avoided this fate for as long as he could run from it, living fast the life of a Vintner, careless and free. It was a harsh life, on the road, but it was a life he preferred. So, naturally, he found himself unable to connect with the other candidates with this blase attitude. The age gap alone proved a very serious challenge. As it was, the vast majority of his time was spent around this beautiful rider whom searched him, minding his manners to keep her out of trouble, but all the same making it clear of his intentions.

Time passed all too slowly for the better part of those months as they waited. He had done nothing productive and viewed the time spent there as a vacation rather than some amazing opportunity to impress. Never had he assumed much of an outcome - perhaps a good woman by his side for instance, but otherwise, he looked forward to really stretching his business prowess down south.

Much to his disappointment, the day of the hatching proved to otherwise snatch business plans from his immediate future. A creature none to different than he embraced him boldly, joining with his soul forever. The simple man Nalkor was known to be had within seconds become more complex when a bronze named Nasrinth decided to pair off with the eldest candidate. Stunned at this fate which had sought him from the day he was born, he called himself N'kor only at the request of his dragon. When he walked off the sands with his new lifemate, he had no idea that his mother had been standing in the galleries with a grin on her face.


Name Relation Location Position Activity Age
J'rdon Father Benden Weyr Bronze dragon rider NPC - Not adoptable + 27yrs
Nalisha Mother Benden Weyr Weyrwoman NPC - Not Adoptable Unknown
Naliah Half-Sister * Mother's Side Weaver Hall Craft Master Retired PC + 15yrs
Jray Half-Brother * Father's Side Benden Weyr Open NPC - Adoptable +1yr
Nalkor Player's Character Ista Weyr Jman Vintner/ISW WingLeader Player's Character +/-
Jesdon Full Blooded Brother Benden Weyr Open NPC - Adoptable - 3yrs
Lissi First Cousin Western Weyr Rider with Green Damasth PC - Active -4yrs
Koramer Son By Ameera Western Weyr Weyrbrat NPC - Adoptable - 30 yrs
Korrea Daughter By Rea Western Weyr Weyrbrat NPC - Adoptable - 30 yrs
Nalkaz Son By Razhendi Ista Weyr Baby NPC - Adoptable - 33yrs
Zhekora Daughter by Razhendi Ista Weyr Baby NPC - Adoptable -33yrs


Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Nasrinth

Smooth, glimmering russet caresses over muzzle, lightening into a light copper as it flows across this dragon's triangular head and head knobs. Short and straight head knobs bubble into gold as copper flows, spilling about the edges in chaos before descending down a sinuous neck. Each russet ridge foams gold around its base, little hiccups of rocky color in a copper waterfall, which ends in a clash of gilded bronze and russet against gold shoulders. That same bronze color solidifies over his ridges and wing spars as it reaches up from shoulder blades, curling into paler colors over translucent membranes in the formations of clouds. Where membrane meets spine, condensed bronze seeps to antique, raining down on golden hips and coppery ridges in splattering droplets that seep into the surrounding color. As the blending of antique bronze with copper and gold descends down his muscular legs, muddy banks of burgundy form, thickening on his feet in stark contrast to his lighter belly. A willowy tail follows similar suit, burgundy raindrops engulfing lighter streams of gold and muddying half way down, leaving his spade a dark ruddy brown.



Loyalty To One's Own Bronze Wolf
There's a hint of the wild about this bronze firelizard, he carries himself with confidence, assurance, though there's an undercurrent of patient anticipation. He's a hunter, through and through, and fiercely protective of his owner, and those precious few that he deems his kin. His long pointed muzzle seems designed for sniffing out trouble, threats, or perhaps prey. His body is solidly built, broad shoulders, sturdy hips, and a barrel chest in between. By contrast, his legs seem almost too thin, especially his forelegs. Pale bronze hide is dusted on top with silver, and below with brown, in an uneven pattern that looks almost like fur.

Through the Sandstorm Brown Dune
There is something monotonous about this little firelizard, his hide an unending wash of sandy brown. Deeper examination will reveal that his coloration is made up of a multitude of shades, khaki and ecru, w heat and tan, each represented as a tiny dot jammed together so tightly that from afar, he appears as a single shade. His body is built for speed with slim lines and whippy muscles. His wings are perhaps overlarge, overwhelming his body in a gawky way. His muzzle is slender and delicate, his eyes huge in his wedge-shaped head. His paws are small and curled, his whole body beautifully boned. It seems that his coloration only serves to enhance his fine lines, rather than distract the viewer.

Joyous Butterball Blue Rift
Much like a dolphins face, there seems to be a permanent smile attached to this rather chubby looking blue-gray firelizard. His wings seem extensions of his plump juiciness, rather than seeming like thin wafers, it's almost more like pita bread for the wings a much darker blue. Thin bands of midnight blue swirl around him increasing in size as they meet along his belly and twist around his stubby and quite plump tail.

Bitter Salad Greens Green Leaf
A dainty head swivels at the slender end of her arching serpentine neck. Opposite chest heaves in a gusty sigh. The kind of sigh as one tends to do when your message /finally/ filters through to your chosen speaker. Patience perhaps not her strongest suit as softly muscled arms tense, steely talons slicing into her perch. Haunches are more substantial followed by a rather slender whip-length of tail. Wings seem a bit over large for her body, strong of shoulder and deep of sail. It cuts into the extremes of agility that her kind can display but in turn allows her a greater endurance as she soars on the invisible currents of air. Of hue her body is a blended mix of greens that seems to have a majority of darker ragged edged bitter salad greens.

Nalkor's Theme Song

Long Nights - Eddie Vedder

Have no fear
For when I'm alone
I'll be better off than I was before

I've got this light
I'll be around to grow
Who I was before
I cannot recall

Long nights allow me to feel…
I'm falling…I am falling
The lights go out
Let me feel
I'm falling
I am falling safely to the ground

I'll take this soul that's inside me now
Like a brand new friend
I'll forever know

I've got this light
And the will to show
I will always be better than before

Long nights allow me to feel…
I'm falling…I am falling
The lights go out
Let me feel
I'm falling
I am falling safely to the ground

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Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on, now
'Cause there's too many places
I've got to see
But, if I stayed here with you, girl
Things just couldn't be the same
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now
And this bird, you'll can not change
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