N'mon (Neamon Danivel)


Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Monaco Bay Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Dragon Brown Odamith

He is a man of middling height, perhaps a bit shorter than the average. Dark black hair just barely sun bleached to brown and kept slightly long, tied back with a cord to be out of reach of the wind. Light green eyes in a tanned face, crowsfeet and laugh lines even now starting to show up. He is clean shaven, angular planes of his face shadowed slightly. His nose is slightly hooked, and a bit too long while his mouth is usually stretched into a ready smile.

He is wearing a pair of weyrhide trousers, the color a dyed dark brown. His shirt is of servicable weight cloth, dyed a darker brown while his shoes are a pair of heavy weyrhide boots, with thick soles and slightly scuffed toes.


General: Born to a greenrider at Monaco Bay, Neamon spent his youth there growing up one of the many weyrbrats. It was a fairly easy life, passed from one rider parent to another while he got older and he even stood for a few clutches there on the sands with his best friend Kacen. Still, it wasn't until the boys left to go to Xanadu, making the break from their parents that they actually impressed, N'mon to brown Odamith and K'cen to blue Karidath. Weyrlinghood was a long adventure for the pair, especially as they were no more prone to following rules once impressed than they were before, but eventually they managed graduation.

Eventually he made his way from Xanadu to places further west and he's now currently calling Half Moon home. Mooching off the weyr there, and attempting to sweet talk several various riders.


Name Relation Location Position
Nelali Mother Monaco Bay Weyr Retired rider to Green Teerith
Xe'n Father Monaco Bay Weyr Retired rider to Green Tezzath
Neyuni Halfsister Igen Weyr Sr. Weyrwoman to Gold Zuhth
Nula Halfsister Monaco Bay Weyr
Nerra Halfsister Monaco Bay Weyr
N'vex Halfbrother Monaco Bay Weyr Rider to Brown Pagearth
Rezia Niece Half Moon Bay Weyr Wingrider



Brown Odamith

Deep sepia settles in deeper shadows, casting the dark brown colors of his hide into tones of murky bistre along the curves of his torso, engulfing him from the tip of his long muzzle, curling around his body, and sweep down his tail. Sepia limbs are strong, mostly free from the shadows, while between each sepia spar the sails darken. Umber ridges creep down his back, like a distance goal cast into darkness by the coming of the night. The only bits of brightness lay in his faceted eyes, and the tiny speckles of golden brown along his headknobs, the breaking of a new dawn.


Title OOC Date Cast
Grief and Ammends October 14, 2014 Daranyl, Ezrayl, N'mon, & Sundari
Caprine Capers (Raelii is Searched) October 30, 2014 Raelii N'mon, Chapar (npc), Nyarra (cameo)
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