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Gender Female
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Western Weyr
Occupation Dolphincraft Apprentice
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue

Naeda is a young woman in her late teenage turns, perhaps sixteen or seventeen. She stands just a couple inches above five feet in height. While her stature is not the most impressive, she has a lean, athletic frame that suggests a great deal of regular exercise. Her skin has a light tan from a great deal of time spent outdoors, though her wavy blonde hair suggests that her complexion would otherwise be a little more pale. Her eyes are a light blue, and her face is round with full lips that easily curl into broad smiles. She has a rather curvy figure, despite her toned limbs.

Naeda favors light, comfortable clothing, suited to Western's climate. Light blue is her favorite color, and tends to feature prominently in most of her outfits.


Naeda was the product of a mating flight at Western Weyr, the only child of a greenrider and a brownrider who otherwise had little to do with one another. As such, she ended up mostly raised by the weyr nannies. She was inquisitive, energetic, and playful throughout her childhood. She particularly enjoyed swimming, and displayed a natural affinity for the water. It surprised few when she ended up apprenticing to the Dolphincraft. Much to her delight, she secured a posting at her home weyr, where she remains to this day.


Name Relation Location Position
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Title OOC Date Cast
Sunning January 9, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Zahleizjah
A Ribald Shopping Trip January 17, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Making Bets (Naeda Is Searched) January 19, 2014 Akyla, Naeda, Takapola, Therynn
Different Ideals January 20, 2014 Naris, Naeda
Girls and Boys January 22, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel
The Importance Of Relaxation January 24, 2014 Naris, Naeda
Zi'on's Black Eye January 28, 2014 Kyldar, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Sundari, Zi'on
First Thing In The Morning January 29, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel
Candidates In Exile February 1, 2014 Ila'den, Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel, Zi'on
Candidates In Exile (Day 2) February 2, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna
Candidates In Exile (Day 2.5) February 2, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna
Rodents and Rescues February 3, 2014 Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Bah, Friends! Bah! February 05, 2014 Naeda, Sorel
Screwed For Justice February 6, 2014 Naeda, R'bel, Rhysanna, Sundari
Dance Off February 7, 2014 Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Mur'dah, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, S'rorn, Soriana, Sundari, V'dim, Zi'on
Truth or Dare Tradition (rated for language and sexual content) February 8, 2014 Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Secrets and Hideouts February 10, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna
Dignitaries February 15, 2014 Ila'den, Iris, Moyrel, Naeda, Nyalle, Rhysanna, Th'ero, Zi'on
Hormones and Hatching Jitters February 16, 2014 Akyla, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Sorel, Therynn
Yes, Hunters Bathe September 05, 2014 Daranyl, Hotaru, Ladek, Nae
Archery Contest September 6, 2014 Daranyl, Hotaru, Nae
Meetings and Confusions September 6, 2014 Daranyl, Jonteim, Kadesh, Nae
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